Ingeborg Elisabeth Severinsson

Professor emerita

Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
Institutt for sykepleie- og helsevitenskap
Campus Vestfold (E2-03)


Current research projects

Part I: Research related to peri- & postnatal and mental health issues

Different project under the umbrella of Women, Family & Child Health

The Women’s, Family & Child Health Care international research group has adopted an  interdisciplinary focus and includesthe disciplines of Nursing and Midwifery sciences and Public Health. It investigates how women – as patients, potential patients, family members and health care professionals – interpret, reason about and understand different experiences and situations in the mental health context. The research addresses issues such as pregnancy, fear of childbirth, difficulties coping with everyday life when suffering from eating disorders and emotional pain when recalling childhood trauma, as well as health care professionals’ collaboration and communication.

  • Making pregnancy safer – Implementation of continuity of care to enhance preventive care and support for young women

This interdisciplinary research (public health and health care sciences) focuses on making pregnancy safer by investigating community-based programmes for young pregnant women, implementing the continuity of care model and evaluating its outcomes.   

  • Childbearing and Postnatal Women’s Mental Health

The overall aim of this integratedresearch programme is an improved understanding of the mental health of childbearing women; the causes of their stress; the development of postpartum depression and its consequences for child development as well as the development of specific intervention strategies to prevent mental disorders. Head of the research group engaged in International collaboration with Tokyo University. 

  • Fear of childbirth

Maternal anxiety and fear of childbirth lead to emotional suffering and affect women’s well-being. A previous negative experience of childbirth may result in postnatal depression or avoidance of future pregnancies. The aim of the first study was to illuminate mothers’ fear of childbirth and their experiences of the team-midwifery care model during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. The aim of the second study was to describe the midwives’ supervisory styles and leadership role as experienced by Norwegian mothers in the context of fear of childbirth. This project is together with one senior researcher at Vestfold University College. 

  • Experienced midwives’ team supervision model with particular focus on childbearing women’s need of support

The aim of this study was to explore the experienced midwives’ team supervision model with particular focus on childbearing women’s need of support. A further aim was to evaluate the development of the midwife’s professional capacity. This is in collaboration with Tokyo University.

  • New mothers’ perceptions of reflective leadership and motherhood

This interview study explored new mothers’ perceptions of reflective leadership in relation to motherhood. The study is in collaboration with senior researcher at University of Stavanger.

Part II: Innovation and Implementation of research to improve practice

Different project under the umbrella of Consumer, gender and public health

Ongoing studies from the user involvement research group will explore the theme of Consumer, gender and public health. There has been an increase in the active involvement of consumers at the macro-level of the health care services, which has had a certain degree of impact on shifting the focus of health care organisations to consumer rather than professional and institutional needs. This is, of course, very important in relation to chronic illness. Previous research has reported the need to support health in laterlife. People with dementia have reduced memory and emotional control as well as functional difficulties in daily life (Norwegian Directorate for Health & Social Affairs, 2007; The Ministry of Health and Care Services, 2007). Research need to be addressed to loneliness among elderly people and the consequences for those with cognitive impairment. 

  • Leadership and management in health care systems

This study investigates previous research of emotional intelligence related to nursing leadership and its critiques. This study is in collaboration with Kristin Akerjordet at the University of Stavanger. 

  • The role of nurse leader in mental health nursing

The aim of this study was to illuminate the role of the nurse leader in mental health. The research question was; what evidence exists of the role of the nurse leader in mental health? This study is in collaboration with Anne Lise Holm at the University College of Stord/Haugesund.  

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Migrant Women

This new interdisciplinary research emphasizes coordinated maternal health services and an innovative health program model for prenatal and postnatal migrant women. Several senior researchers belonging to the research group are involved. 

  • The Chronic Disease Management Project

This project was developed, implemented and evaluated in 2010- (ongoing 2104) by an interdisciplinary collaborative group of renowned experts in the field of healthcare sciences comprising five researchers representing four disciplines. The care of the elderly in characterized as fragmented in the health care system i.e. hospital, primary and community care. Elderly persons have several physical symptoms and problem resulting in dual diagnoses. the primary objective of this four year project was to examine wheter the implementation of the Chronic Care Model (CCM) for depressed elderly persons in the community can positively improve their mental state. An innovative approach to user involvement and evidenced-based care for the elderly are used in this projects. The list of international publications are 20 by September 2014.