Jeppe Oute Hansen


Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
Institutt for helse-, sosial- og velferdsfag
Campus Drammen ()
My research interests span from care policy and organization, medical anthropology, and critical research in public management and welfare systems; e.g. studies of institutionalization, stigma, ideology, professionalization, power and subjectivity and patient- and relative involvement processes in psychiatry and drug treatment systems. Within all of these interconnected areas of research, I am focusing on the interchangeability of political, clinical and day-to-day logics and rationales about citizens, political requirements and moral imperatives in practice. see Orchid: See Aarhus University profile:


Jeg er engageret i Videreutdanning i Psykisk helse og Rus (Vidrus), Master i Samfunn og Helse og Mastervejledning. Desuden forsker jeg i forskellige projekter på feltet (se ovenfor)