Kanagasabapath Mylvaganam


Fakultet for teknologi, naturvitenskap og maritime fag
Institutt for elektro, IT og kybernetikk
Campus Porsgrunn (B-242)
Saba Mylvaganam _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION: B.Sc. (Eng.) Hons./ University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka; Dr.-Ing. /Technische Universität Berlin; MIB/NHH-Norwegian School of Economics _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Memberships: TEKNA/NO;IET/UK; IEEE/USA; VDE/DE _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WORK EXPERIENCE: After working in the industries and R&D sector in different countries, mostly in the field of sensors and systems for many years, currently working in the academia with Focus on sensors, sensor modelling, sensor data fusion using AI techniques. Main interests in sensors and measurements related to process industries, environmental monitoring, AI based Assistive Technologies and Monitoring Stability of Power Grids. Ultrasonic flowmetering, and multimodal process tomography coupled to machine learning are of current interest. In collaboration with some actors in the health sector in Norway, involved in sensors and sensor data analysis and fusion.


  • Hard/Soft Sensors in Process Industries (https://www.usn.no/studier/studie-og-emneplaner/#/subjects/IIA1217_2019H_1)

  • Measurements and Instrumentation

  • AI via Machine Learning

  • Supervision of Bachelor and Master Projects

  • Process Lab for Tomographic Applications & Sensor Lab for various applications

  • Supervision of PhD candidates

  • Charter & Code

  • International Collaboration involving Academia, Industries and Organisations


  • Sensors and Signal Processing

  • Sensor Data Fusion

  • Ultrasonic Flowmetering

  • Acoustic Emission

  • Multimodal Process Tomography

  • AI via Machine Learning

  • Life Long Learning (LLL)


Saba Mylvaganam

1973                    Ceylon Electricity Board / Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation

1974-1976           Assistant Lecturer, Department Electronics & Telecommunications, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

1977-1978           Tutor Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Technische Universität Berlin

                            Scholarship Holder Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, West Germany


July/August        Schleicher Relais GmbH, West Berlin


1978-1983          Research Fellow, Technische Universität Berlin, West Berlin, West Germany

1983 -1992         Research Scientist / Senior Scientist at Chr. Michelsen Institute for Science and Intellectual Freedom, Dept. of                            Science and Technology, Bergen, Norway. Project  Leader for Ultrasonic Gas Flowmetering, Project Leader for Sand Detection using acoustic emission techniques. 

1992                    Associate Professor Sensorics/ Measurements and Instrumentation, University College Bergen, Norway

                            Internship, United Nations Center for Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD), New York  

1997 -2000          Professor Process Measurements & Sensorics, University   College Telemark/ University College Bergen

2003-2011           Project Leader, MULTIPROCON, Tel-Tek, Porsgrunn (Research Council of Norway & Industries)

1997 -                  Professor Process Measurements & Sensorics, University  College Telemak/ University College  Southeast Norway/University of South-Eastern Norway