Robert (Rob) Bongaardt


Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
Institutt for helse-, sosial- og velferdsfag
Campus Porsgrunn (M-119)


  • Post-graduate education in mental health work (campus Porsgrunn and Vestfold)
  • Team leader Development of Doctoral Supervision, USN


  • mental health
  • adult development and learning
  • measures of leadership development
  • continuing education of research supervisors
  • control of complex movement actions
  • descriptive phenomenological methods
  • theory and history of psychology
  • philosophy of science


Rob Bongaardt (b. 1964) holds a Doctorate in Psychology from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. He works at the University of South-Eastern Norway as a full Professor of Mental Health. His teaching and research have an impact on the continuing education of mental health care professionals, executive leadership coaches, and Ph.D. supervisors (and those who train them). In this capacity, Rob supports those who support others in various walks of daily life and work.

Collaboration with, amongst others:

USN's HELP research group

USN's Centre for Women’s, Family and Child Health

Anne Lee

Elaine Herdman Barker

Continued training in Conducting the Motivational Interview (Stavanger); Conducting and Analysing the Subject-Object Interview (Cambridge, MA); Immunity to Change Intervention (Cambridge, MA); Research Leadership (USN, Sandefjord); Conducting and Analysing the Growth Edge Interview (Princeton, NJ); Global Leadership Profile (Boston, MA); Core sensitivities. Handling defenses in everyday life (Circle of Security International, Oslo); Doctoral Supervision Train-the-Trainer (UiS, Stavanger); Arbinger Conflict Resolution (Arbinger Scandinavia, Sandvika)