Rune Bakke

Rune Bakke


Fakultet for teknologi, naturvitenskap og maritime fag
Institutt for prosess-, energi- og miljøteknologi
Campus Porsgrunn (E-215)






Ph.D. Center for biofilm engineering, Montana State University, USA, 1986

M.Sc. Environmental Engineering, Montana State University, USA, 1983

B.Sc. Civil Engineering, Montana State University, USA, 1980



Professor - Environmental Engineering (1994 -), University of South-Eastern Norway Teaching: Water treatment processes (MSc), Energy technology (MSc), Bioenergetics (PhD), Biofilm processes (PhD), Water treatment and environmental biotechnology (MSc), Environmental management (MSc).

Research Scientist, SINTEF Tel-Tek (1994 - ); Rogaland Research Institute (1988-96)

Professor, Visiting: Hubei University (2006 - ), Wuhan; Harbin Inst. Technology (2012-), Harbin, China.

Vice Dean, (2002-2003) Faculty of Technology

Institute Board (1996-2003) Institute of Environmental Engineering

Professor, Environmental Engineering (1993-94), University of Stavanger

Asc. Professor (1986-93), University of Stavanger

Research Assistant, NSF stipend (1981-1986), Montana State University

PhD Opponent at NTNU, NMBU, UiS (Norway), Quensland, Chalmers and Lund Universities

Board of directors, Bio Tek AS (Ltd.), Porsgrunn, (2002-2008); Waterment AS, Porsgrunn, (2002-); Hifo Tech AS, Porsgrunn, (1996-2002); EnQua AS, Bryne, (1993-97); Stavanger Botanical Garden (1987-1994).

Program coordinator, SIU projects: (2006-2015) ‘Sustainable Process Development’ at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka; (2017- ) ‘Carbon and nutrients recovery in waste/wastewater management processes’ with four Chinese university partners (UTF - 2016/10042 – UTFORSK

Partnership Programme).

NORAD, development aid consultant (1989 - 1992) Kenya; Program committee for "Technology for sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Reviewer for National Science Foundation (USA): Biological instrumentation program.

Reviewer, journals: Waste Management, Bioresource Technology, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, Water, Biotech. & Bioeng., Wat. Sci. and Tech. and Wat. Research.

Advisory Board for the Bentham The open Waste Management Journal

IAWPRC (IWA) Task Group on modeling of biofilm systems 1986.

Chairman (1979-1985) Association of Norwegian Stud. Abroad (ANSA) in Montana

Patents, USA4912332, EP2457878A1, EP2457878B1, NO20093590 and NO20076606

Environmental engineering consulting: Public and private water and wastewater treatment projects. Design and implementation of waste and wastewater treatment plants for resource recovery (water, biogas etc.) for domestic, industrial and agricultural wastes. Water shed restoration. Biofilm, fouling.

ONGOING RESEARCH PROJECTS (Start year in () and funding sources, a, b, c… below):

- Grey water treatment process (started in 2003). Company Waterment established. Patent. a

- Biofilm control technology for pipelines (2005). Company CleanUTube established. Patent. a

- Agricultural biogas production technology (2006). Pilot plants established. a,b

- Digestate nitrification for fertilizer production (2006). Pilot plant established. b

- Biodegradation of amine wastes from CCS (2007). Lab scale processes and computer simulator. c

- Micro-aeration in anaerobic digestion, AD (2005). Lab scale processes and computer simulator. b

- Model based AD control (2008). Lab and pilot processes established. d

- Anaerobic wastewater treatment (2009). Lab scale tests, implementations planned. e

- Biogas production, treatment and application (2011). Systems optimization. f

- BioValueChain, international EnergiX biogas study (2014). Comparative sustainability study. g

- HyVAB, low carbon footprint bioreactor for industrial wastewater (2014). Process development. h

- Biogas2020, (2015) Interreg. Skagerak-Kattegatti. i

- Pyrogas, EnergiX biogas study (2017). j

- Bærekraftig Biogass, EnergiX biogas study. k

Supported by a-Inovasjon Norge; b-Statens Landbruksforvaltning; c, d, e, f, g-Research Council of Norway (c-Project nr.199905/S60; d-208019/t10; e-202487; f-208818; g-228821/E20; h-239134Oslofjordfondet; j-269322; k- 269444/E20); i-EU



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