Bente Monica Aakre


Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
Institutt for optometri, radiografi og lysdesign
Campus Kongsberg (5310)
Jeg er instituttleder for institutt for optometri, radiografi og lysdesign. Instituttets hovedmål er å tilby forskningsbaserte og personorienterte profesjonsutdanninger som samfunnet har behov for og som gir kandidatene våre suksess i arbeidslivet, nasjonalt og internasjonalt.


  • Utdanningsledelse
  • Profesjonsutvikling, internasjonal optometri
  • Øyets fremre segment: tårefilm og tørre øyne, kontaktlinsekomplikasjoner, biometri, refraktiv kirurgi



2009: Ph.D. in recognition of a thesis entitled "Longitudinal assessments of corneal and tear film characteristics after LASIK versus continued contact lens wear", Glasgow Caledonian University, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Glasgow, Scotland

1997: M.Phil. in recognition of a thesis entitled “Swelling kinetics of the corneal stroma under physiologically relevant conditions”. Glasgow Caledonian University, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Glasgow, Scotland

1994: Kontaktlinsekompetanse, Høgskolen i Buskerud (HiBu), Avdeling for optometri, Kongsberg

1992: Optiker, Kongsberg Ingeniørhøgskole (KIH), Avdeling for optometri, Kongsberg



Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Erasmus+, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Capacity Building in Higher Education, Joint Projects: “Optometry CUrriculum for Lifelong Learning through ErasmUS OCULUS”. Contribution: project leader- EUR 946 218

SIU. Eurasia programme 2015. CPEA-2 015/10066 Moldova – Norwegian collaboration program in optometry. Enhancing primary eye health care in Moldova. Contribution: project initiator and initial project leader. NOK 6 000 000


Senter for Internasjonal Utdanning (SIU). Erasmus Plus - Funding for project development 2015. EPLpd-2015/10027 Curriculum building in optometry education to enhance quality and cultural competency of evidence based eye care education internationally. Contribution: project leader. NOK   100 000

Senter for Internasjonal Utdanning. Seed money for the project CPEASM-2015/10015 “Primary visual healthcare in Moldova needs optometrists. Developing an academic education for optometrists”. Contribution: project initiator and project leader. NOK   100 000

Norgesuniversitetet. P19/2015 – «En reise gjennom kroppen - forstå god helse". Contribution: project initiator and initial project leader. NOK   700.000



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