Hasan Mahbub Tusher

Hasan Mahbub Tusher


Fakultet for teknologi, naturvitenskap og maritime fag
Institutt for maritime operasjoner
Campus Vestfold (D2-96)
Hasan is a professional marine engineer and sailed onboard merchant ships. He worked as an instructor in a maritime institute and also possesses technical management experience from a maritime service provider company in the South-East Asia region. He has been affiliated with the Department of Maritime Operations at USN and the Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator and Training (COAST) as a research assistant before starting as a doctoral research fellow.


  • Course responsible for MM-HTO5081 (Human, Technology and Organization) in Master's program
  • Member of Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG)


  • BSc in Marine Engineering (MEO, Class-3)
  • MSc in Maritime Management (technical specialization)


LinkedIn profile:  www.linkedin.com/in/hasantusher 



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