Håvard Ness


USN Handelshøyskolen
Institutt for økonomi, markedsføring og jus
Campus Ringerike (A 408)
I am a Professor of Strategy and Tourism. I teach the PhD course "Interorganizational networks and relationships". I also lecture at the Bachelors level (Negotiations) and the Masters level (Cooperation, alliances and networks). I have also supervised numerous Master's theses, a few PhD students, as well as acted as opponent in Doctoral Viva's (the thesis defence). I have formerly been the Dean of the PhD program in Marketing Management, and served on the Program Board for the program. The PhD program is a high-quality program meeting the requirements for present and future marketing, both nationally and internationally. I have also served as a member of USN's Research Committee. I am an active researcher, and my published work focus mainly on interorganizational (business to business) relationships related to both marketing and strategic management. The focus is on contracting and governance, negotiations, and learning. Furthemore, I also focus on processes of integration and coordination, and their effects on different levels of analysis (from firm to network). My work is published in internationally top ranked academic journals such as Journal of Management Studies, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Business Research, and others.


  • Course leader for "Interorganizational networks and relationships" (PhD)
  • Course leader for "Cooperation, alliances, and networks" (Master)
  • Teacher for "Negotiations" (Bachelor)
  • Head of the research group in Marketing Management
  • Former member of the Program Board for the PhD in Marketing Management, and formerly coordinator for the program.
  • Former member of USN's Research Committee
  • PhD Supervision
  • Research


Area of interests: Interorganizational relationships (dyadic, triadic, network levels), governance, negotiations, organizational learning, effects of interfirm integration, marketing alliances, network formation and evolution, destination and regional development.

Teaching areas: Interorganizational relationships


Education: Dr. Oecon (NHH, 2001)


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