Marie-Lisbet Amundsen


Fakultet for humaniora, idretts- og utdanningsvitenskap
Institutt for pedagogikk
Campus Vestfold (D2-6)
Utdannet cand.paed.spec. med pedagogisk embetseksamen fra UiO. Tyve års erfaring fra praksisfeltet som leder av rehab.avdeling, logoped, spesialpedagog og pedagogisk-psykologisk rådgiver. Har spisskompetanse på sammensatte lærevansker og sosiale- og emosjonelle vansker. Ansatt som førstelektor 2003, førsteamanuensis i 2005 ved Høgskolen i Telemark, og som professor i spesialpedagogikk ved universitetet i Sørøst-Norge 2010.


Faglig ansvarlig for delemnene "Psykososiale vansker " og "Sosiale- og emosjonelle vansker" på "Master i pedagogikk med fordypning i spesialpedagogikk". Har ellers faste undersningsopgaver knyttet til bachelorutdanningene og PPU deltid og heltid.

Leder av forskningsgruppen Vold, overgrep og sosiale- og emosjonelle vansker.


Professional Experience

  • Sheiling Schools, England, independent school for children and adolescents with special educational needs.
  • Educational-psychological counselor, Educational Pychological Services, Trondheim Municipality (1980-84)
  • Alleen School, special school for students with severe learning difficulties, Tønsberg Municipality (1984-86).
  • Department of Speech Pathology, Tønsberg. Head of the department (1986-1995)
  • Educational-psychological counselor with expertise geared towards children and young people with complex learning difficulties as well as social and emotional difficulties (1995-1999).
  • SAMTAK. The position would serve PP (Educational-Psychological) offices in seven municipalities with cases where they needed assistance in relation to the individual and systemic level, 1999-2003.
  • Telemark University College, Department for Social Studies in the period from 2003-2010.
  • Associate professor from 2005.
  • Presently working as professor at University College of Southeast Norway, Faculty of Humanities and Education, Department of Education and School (2010- ). Promotion as professor in 2012.
  • Currently, I am responsible for the master, and have regular lectures aimed at PPU (Practical Pedagogic Education) as well as primary and secondary teacher training.

Test Expertise

Expertise in most tests within the field of special educational work, for example,

Leadership Experience

Board member of the Aphasia Association in Norway and the Norwegian Association of Logopedics, leader in Aphasia Association of Vestfold for eight years, and department manager of Logopedic Department in Tønsberg for nine years


Some selected projects 

Safe, Good Parenting, 1984-86
The project was implemented in cooperation with health centers, preschools and schools in Trondheim, and the intention was to provide guidance and support to immigrant parents, young mothers and single parents who had sole parenting responsibilities. 

Workshop for Aphasia Patients, 1987-1989
The purpose of this project was that adults with aphasia could train together. It was also adapted for socializing. Similar offers were eventually also established elsewhere in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Living with Aphasia, 1993
As a representative of the Norwegian Association of Logopedics and the Aphasia Association in Norway, I participated in developing an information package, which includes a book and movie about living with aphasia. This work was done in collaboration with representatives from the user group.

Communicate with the Whole Body, 1993
In 1993, we started a Nordic theatre group where young people with acquired head injury were responsible for directing and content. Performances were shown in Nordic countries.

Back to Work after Head Injury, 1997-98
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs in cooperation with the Aphasia Association in Norway, I had joint responsibility for the project “Back to Work with Aphasia”. In this connection, conferences were conducted, inter alia, in Oslo, Trondheim and Tønsberg. 

Preschoolers and linguistic awareness, 1999-2000
Three preschools participated in this project, where the aim was to ensure that everyone possessed basic concepts before starting school. The project was supported by the Director of Education in Vestfold. 

Happy reading, 1999-2002
The reading project included seven municipalities in the northern part of Vestfold. The background for this project was that a quarter of the referrals to the PP services in the seven municipalities concerned reading and writing difficulties. We followed children in the seven municipalities from the last year in preschool through the third grade. The project was supported by the Director of Education in Vestfold.

Philosophy in Secondary Schools, 2000-2001
As educational and psychological counselor, I was responsible for a project titled Philosophy and Everyday Psychology in Secondary Schools. The background for the project was that some secondary schools reported their concern in relation to unmotivated students. The project was supported by the Director of Education in Vestfold.

Continuing Education, 1999-2003
In the period 1999 to 2003 I was responsible for a project where it was wanted to update professional continuing education of schools and preschools in seven municipalities in Norway.