Shea Allison Sundstøl


Avdeling for forskning, innovasjon og internasjonalisering
Campus Bø (4-111)
I am the contact librarian for INHM and for PhD candidates in Bø.


  • Co-coordinator for the library's PhD course "Literature Management and Scholarly Communication" which is offered every semester.
  • Instruction in literature searching, use of the library, source criticism, and referencing
  • EndNote and Zotero support
  • Services for PhD candidates including preparation of dissertations for publication and purchase/acquisition of books and articles
  • Research data management, open data, open science, and data management planning


  • Bachelor of Science, Major in Environmental Science, minors in Forestry, Biology, and Agriculture, 1999.
  • Master of Science in Forestry, minor in Biology, 2001.
  • Philosophae Doctor (PhD), Ecology, 2019.