Ongoing research projects

Our research areas spans from innovation and digitalization in retailing, to public sector innovation and business model innovation for autonomous systems, as well as help developing green and sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Innovation in retailing trhough digitalization
    • Digital innovation in the retailing system -Vivant Digital
    • The School of Digitalization
    • The Nordic Reko-rings as sustainable digital food systems - Digifood
  • Innovation in the shipping industry and autonomous systems
    • Transforming Shipping through Ecosystem Business model Innovation (TSEBI)
    • Capacity building and enhanced competence related to autonomous systems in transportation and process industry
  • New perspectives on adoption and diffusion of innovations
    • Special Issue in Journal of Business Research
    • Developing methods of user innovation in innovation processes through micro-ecosystems
  • Innovation and social entrepreneurship in the public sector 
    • Entrepreneurial orientation and learning

Enclosed projects:

  • Innovation in retailing - Vivant Vestfold (2015-2019)
  • The effect of digitalization in retailing - Report for Virke and HK in Norway (2018)


Find the publications from our research group members in Cristin.