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All of SESAM's work is based on collaboration. We cooperate with other actors across geographical divisions, professional boundaries and across sectors. Below you can see who we are currently working with.

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Our Partners



RUC, the University of Roskilde are our collaborators in Denmark. RUC was one of the first European universities which established its own education programme within social entrepreneurship, and they now offer education in several subjects within social entrepreneurship. SESAM collaborates on changing projects with skilled proffessionals at RUC.



Husbanken (The Norwegian Housing Bank) and SESAM collaborate on developing new models. Husbanken is the government's most important agency for implementing a social housing policy. They have lately been looking for new and better models so that beneficiaries of housing policy will have a clearer voice and place in the practical social housing work in the municipalities. In two subsequent projects, SESAM, together with Husbanken, has developed a model for collaborative social housing policy.



Fotballstiftelsen (the football foundation) is an umbrella organization for more than twenty top level clubs offering street teams for drug addicts. SESAM, together with Center for Mental Health and Substance Abuse at USN, are running a collaborative project together with Fotballstiftelsen, and four of their member clubs: Strømsgodset, Fredrikstad Fotball, Sandefjord Fotball and Odd. The project is based on finding out if the offer actually helps users, as intended – and in that case, why it works, and how this model using socially professional work in football clubs fits into the Norwegian welfare model.


INNOFF (National research network for innovation in the public sector)

INNOFF is a new initiative (2018/2019) to build up a stronger network of researchers with an interest in public innovation. The goal is to share knowledge, and build stronger professional environments to strengthen innovation in the Norwegian public sector. SESAM participates in the network, along with other academic environments at USN.


Larvik municipality

Larvik municipality is a municipality with a number of initiatives and activities within what falls under the concept of social innovation. The municipality also has ambitions and plans to strengthen its commitment to social citizenship and collaborative social innovation. As a research partner, SESAM participates in several of these processes.


Holmestrand municipality

Holmestrand municipality aims to strengthen their public health profile in a systematic and creative manner. As of January 1st 2020, after merging with Sande municipality, the so-called opportunity window for doing new things within new frames is open. SESAM is in a process with the municipality in order to find good solutions together with its inhabitants and users.


Viken County Council

Viken County Council (Previously Buskerud County Council) is dedicated in its work towards innovation and entrepreneurship within a «Regional plan for value creation and business development». SESAM participates in an entrepreneurship working group within this planning work.



SoCentral is a Nordic incubator for social entrepreneurship, located at Sentralen in Oslo. In several projects, SESAM has collaborated with the talented people within this organization, and has also benefited greatly from the contact  SoCentral has with all its members and tenants on the 4th and 5th floor of Sentralen, where SoCentral is located. SESAM has office space in this community, and we often organize workshops and other meetings in these premises.



CoLab is a so-called "co-working space" in Larvik which offers flexible office spaces, meeting rooms and workshop facilities centrally located in the middle of the USN catchment area. SESAM has a flexible space in the premises and uses the location for meetings and seminars. The site is also the basis for an initiative to create a cluster for social entrepreneurs in Vestfold and Telemark. SESAM participates as a research- and development-based actor in this cluster.


Tor Erling Naas

Cartoonist, writer, composer, musician and animator. Illustrates our research reports as well as live at our workshops, and is the animator who made the movie "Petter and Pernille solve a problem - along with many others".


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