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The PhD candidates - Marketing Management program

From top left: Afra, Chen, Daoyan, Eisa, Ajmal, Ruohao and Iryna
From top left: Afra, Chen, Daoyan, Eisa, Ajmal, Ruohao and Iryna

Here is a short presentation of our PhD students currently enrolled in our program.

Name PhD Project

Ajmal Hafeez

His research focuses on consumers’ cognitive processes in the adoption of radically new product

Ajmal Hafeez conducted his midtermevaluation 15 December 2016.
Committe: Professor Page Moreau from University of Wisconsin and Professor Einar Breivik from NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Program  

Afra Kh Koulaei

Her research focuses on creativity: The psychological mechanisms and team dynamics that promotes team creativity 

Afra Koulaei conducted her midtermevaluation 15 December 2016.
Committe: Professor Miha Skerlavaj from BI The Norwegian Business School and Associate Professor Lise Feirud from USN University College of Southeast Norway. Program 

Ruohao Sun

His research focuses upon the long-term effects of marketing activities, customer management, and marketing models

Ruohao Sun conducted his midtermevaluation 14 December 2016.
Committe: Professor Koen Pauwels from Ozyegin University and Associate Professor Radu Dimitriu from Cranfield School of Management. Program 

Chen Chen

Her research focus on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues in marketing. Specifically, she is interested in the role of moral emotions play in generating consumer responses to a company’s CSR performance.

Daoyan Jin

His research focuses on the role of gamification in changing or affecting consumer's behaviour via it's influence on consumer's motivational state of mind

Iryna Shekhovtsova

Her research focus is on marketing accountability, marketing finance, and linking marketing activities with the financial performance of a firm

Eisa Sahabeh Tabrizi His research focuses on time perception and consumers’ emotions and decision-making processes when it comes to temporal evaluation of products and services

Adeel Ahmed Tariq

His research focuses on an understanding of Consumer adoption of Really new products, Role of CRM in the adoption process and change in customer expectations towards the parent brand

Kristin Bentsen

Her research takes an institutional perspective on innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of retailing and marketing. Of particular interest is how institutional perspectives can be applied to renew our understanding of innovation adoption.

Mesay Sata Shanka His research focuses on relational governance in marketing negotiations.