NFM 1 Norwegian Folk Music 1

NFM 1 Norwegian Folk Music 1

Norwegian Folk Music 1 is a full credit (30ECTS) one semester programme designed for foreign students with an interest in Norwegian folk music. The main goal of the programme is to give students a thorough understanding of the roots of, influences on and performance of Norwegian folk music.

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Autumn: April 15
Høst 2019

Why study Norwegian Folk Music 1 (NMF 1)?

The main sources of the music will be discussed in a broad academic perspective, where musicology, cultural history and sociology are used to create an integrated theoretical basis for learning.


What do you learn?

The programme is designed around three modules:

  1. Norwegian Ethnomusicology I
    • This module aims to provide students with an overview of diversity of living music traditions in Norway as well as an understanding of the historical conditions from which they are arose.
  2. Performing Ethnomusicology I
    • This course explores fundamental musical elements such as rhythm, melody, harmony and timbre practically, by actually performing them.
  3. Performance
    • Performance training aims to give students an experimental understanding of folk music's expressive diversity. Each student is expected to develop a repertoire with traditional song or instrumental music under the mentorship of a faculty member.
  4. Guided study
    • Through a written report, the student will get an opportunity to pursue a topic he or she has found particularly interesting and relevant.

Teaching methods include hands-on experience with music and dance, as well as lectures, seminars, field study, papers, individual and group projects and presentations. Teaching sessions are generally schedules for weekdays.

Audio-visual aids will at times be used during lectures. The importance of active participation from students is emphasized.

Each student will receive individual instruction on his or her main instrument. They will receive continual evaluation of their progress from their teacher. Group instruction is given on the minor instruments. Students are encouraged to organize their own performance groups, and to initiate house-recitals.

Further study opportunities

The study programme may be combined with other higher education programmes within the cultural sphere or form a part of a BA degree. The programme may be used as an approved exchange semester from a student's studies in his or her home country. The programme gives access to an international network of folk musicians and folk artists and may open the way for further careers in this sphere.


The program is designed for international students and is open to students from partner universities, as well as free-movers.  Students will be subject to regular admission requirements for international students at University of South-Eastern Norway.

Applicants who have not been nominated by a partner institution must either:

  • Document that they are presently studying a relevant dance or music programme, at an accredited institution
  • Document relevant experience in the field of dance or music. 


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