After arrival as a USN employee

Register at the immigration office

In general, USN employees have to register within 7 days of their arrival in Norway at the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA) or at the local police station. Guest researchers and researchers with own funds that will stay in Norway for more than 3 months need to book an appointment to register within 7 days after their arrival in Norway.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration has a comprehensive portal that explains all about the kinds of immigration permits you need for your family.

Paying taxes and getting an ID/D number

Paying taxes in Norway requires that you have a national identity number (“fødselsnummer” in Norwegian) and a tax card (“skattekort” in Norwegian). If you will be in Norway for a short period, you may be issued a temporary D number. A comprehensive site called "Work in Norway" contains answers to many questions you might have.

ID number and registration with the National Population Register

Both the national ID number and the temporary D number are 11 digits. The national ID number starts with your birthdate and ends in 5 randomly generated digits. You'll need this number to get paid, to open a bank account and to pay taxes. For more information see the Norwegian Tax Authority.

You can also apply for a D-number or an ID number at SUA Office. Please note that it will be required, among other documents, to have a valid property purchase contract or property rental contract valid for at least 6 months. Those who do not have such a document can expect delays in getting an ID number. 

Tax card

Once you have been issued an ID number, you must return to the Tax Office and apply for a tax card. It is possible to get a tax card before getting an ID number. To do so, take your job contract and passport to the tax office. An informational brochure is available there.

If you are from a non-EU/EEA country, you must also bring your residence card proving that you have the right to work in Norway.

The tax card is used as a basis for withholding tax from salaries paid to employees working in Norway. Make sure that your employer has received your tax card before you get your first salary -- otherwise a 50% tax will automatically be withheld from your salary. If you have paid too much tax, you will get it back in your annual tax refund.

For information concerning the tax system in Norway, please click here.

Personal tax return

A personal tax return (“selvangivelse” in Norwegian) will be sent to your registered address in the spring of the year following the income year. The tax return is to be completed and submitted to the tax authorities by April 30 in the year following the income year. See the Norwegian Tax Administration for further information. You will receive an End of the Year Certificate (“årsoppgave” in Norwegian) from your employer with some basic information on the salary and allowances you have earned in Norway. Please include this information in your tax return.

Final tax assessment/settlement

The final tax assessment (“skattemeldingen” in Norwegian) is sent to your registered address in either June or October in the year following the income year. It provides information on the basis for taxation in Norway, such as taxable income, tax paid, if you have overpaid or underpaid tax, etc. The tax assessment will normally correspond with the information submitted in your personal tax return, but should always be double checked. For further information on the Norwegian tax system and regulations go to Skatteetaten.