Welfare system and health care

What is covered by the Norwegian system?

The Norwegian social welfare system includes:

NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, administer the system. USN employees are also covered by the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (link: https://www.spk.no/en/) (commonly known as SPK).

Your rights at the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund depends on your membership.

Health care and finding a doctor

When you move to Norway to be here for at least 12 months, you become a member of the Norwegian National Health Scheme (link: https://www.nav.no/en/Home/Rules+and+regulations/Membership+of+the+National+Insurance+Scheme) from your date of entry to Norway.

After you receive your ID number you should receive a letter from NAV in which you are assigned a general practitioner (called "fastlege" in Norwegian).

You can also apply for a general practitioner by calling Fastlege phoneline: 810 59 500 or you can do it online.

For emergencies, contact the Out-of-hours medical service at the 6-digit number 116 117.


Norway's health system does not cover dental visits for adults, but children up to and including age 19 are cared for for free by the public dental clinics. You can also choose a private practitioner's office (link: https://www.legelisten.no/tannleger) by choosing your municipal at the website.

For emergencies (including weekends and holidays) please see and choose your municipal at the website.


Most of the pharmacies (called “apotek” in Norwegian) are typically open from 0900-1800 (9am-6pm) on weekdays and from 1000-1500 (10am-3 pm) on Saturdays. Some pharmacies, typically pharmacies connected to hospitals, are open a few hours on Sundays.

You can search listings of pharmacies in Norway by choosing your location.

For emergencies, outside of pharmacies open hours, you can contact your general practitioner (“fastlege”) or the Out-of-hours medical service at the 6-digit number 116 117.