Charlotte from Belgium: studying International Management at campus Ringerike

Charlotte and friend hiking in Norway

We asked exchange student Charlotte from Belgium a few questions about her stay in Norway. Read about how she prepared for the exchange, french fries and that 'homey'-feeling.

Hi Charlotte,

How are you? We would like to ask you a few questions about your experience here in Norway.

What did you expect about life in Norway? Was it different from expected, if so – how?


Sorry for the late answer, but we have been very busy the last days with school and hiking! Life here is mostly as I expected, but at some points a bit different. I read a lot about the country before I came here and I saw some Norwegian series and movies so I would know a little bit more about the culture here and the people. That was mostly what I expected; although Norwegians could be a little anti-social at some moments. That was unexpected.

International students after a swim, with Norwagian flag in the background

Why did you chose to study in Norway?

I chose Norway because I wanted to study in the North. My first choice was Canada, but that place was filled very quick. My second choice was Scandinavia and then I just searched for the universities where I could take the necessary courses.

International students on weekend trip to Bergen

Please share one story from your life that will make us get to know something special about you.

I'm someone that can easily adapt to any place/situation. I might not always like the change, but I deal with it and make the best of it. The story is not particularly 1 certain situation. Since I was 12, I haven't truly had 1 'home'. I was in boarding school; in the weekends I would either be at the coast, or in the mountains or on holiday; afterwards I had my own studio in the city where I study; in the weekend I still have different places where I need to go/be/want to be; and now I am here in a student house. I don't have 1 place where I truly have a feeling that I am home and that is okay. A lot of people think I'm crazy for not having that 'homey'-feeling, but it is a very normal situation for me. Plans constantly change and I don't mind it at all. I try to do best for the people around me and for myself and automatically my life becomes chaotic, but I like it that way. It's interesting and never gets boring. At one moment in the future I would like to settle down, but I still have some years left before that time is here.

International students on a "hyttetur"

Anything you want to share with other students and employees that you think they should learn about your home country?

Belgium is a very small country, but with a lot of different cultures. We speak 3 languages, have 5 different governments and we have the best food and festival ever. (French fries, chocolate, beer and Tomorrowland). We are very sociable and image and appearance are important.

students climbing up a mountain

Any other feedback you would like to share with us?

Everything here has been fun, so no comments :)

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Charlotte Buys from Belgium
Home University: Artevelde University College Ghent

Study programme in Norway:

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