This page is for information regarding semester start only, if you have any questions regarding entry in terms of the corona virus, please check out our covid-19 page. If you need information on insurance, police registration, visa etc, check out our arrival to Norway page. 

Study start Autumn 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming new students in August 2021. However, due to the current situation with Covid-19, we ask you to kindly stay updated on the information given on this site. Especially if you are travelling to Norway from abroad. 

USN is currently planning for on-campus teaching from august 2021 onwards. Due to the current travel restrictions to Norway, the situation is still unpredictable. Borders might still be closed, or only partly open from August 1st. USN is closely monitoring the situation and any changes to plans will be published well in advance.

For international students, it is important to keep the unpredictable situation in mind, when planning a stay, concerning accommodation and travel arrangements.

Covid-19 information for international incoming students

Semester start

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The current plan is that first-year students will have physical (in-person) teaching from the start of August. Second- and third-year students, as well as second-year master students will have digital teaching for the first two weeks of the semester. Physical teaching will begin two weeks later. This is to avoid bigger groupings since we are still not aware of how the corona situation will be after the summer. 

It's still important that international students have arrived (and finished quarantine) by the 16th of August so that you can take part in the social arrangements alongside the Norwegian students. It's also crucial in terms of setting up possible police appointments. 

The official semester dates for Autumn semester 2021 are:
August 16th - December 20th , 2021

  • Most study programmes aim to have students physically on campus from Monday, August 16th *This means you have to plan your 10 days quarantine prior to this, so that the quarantine will be completed at least by this date.

All our programmes for exchange and degree students are currently planning to run as normal, however USN is monitoring the situation and this might be subject to change.
We will provide more detailed information about arrival throughout the upcoming months. Students will also be notified directly about significant changes.

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Find schedules, study plans and other relevant information for your study programme. The schedule will be published July 15th, and may be continuously updated throughout summer, so check back regularly for updates. Only full degree english thaught programmes will be listed here.