Below you'll find the management at USN

Petter Aasen

Petter Aasen

Nils Kristian Bogen

Nils Kristian Bogen

Ingvild Marheim Larsen

Ingvild Marheim Larsen
Vice rector for education and quality of education

Heidi Kristin Ormstad

Heidi Kristin Ormstad 
Vice-rector at the Department of Research and Internationalisation

Morten Christian Melaaen Morten Christian Melaaen
Dean at the Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences
Anne Gwendoline Fængsrud Anne Gwendoline Fængsrud
Acting Dean at the Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Hans Anton Stubberud Hans Anton Stubberud
Dean at the School of Business
Pia Cecilie Bing-Jonsson Pia Cecilie Bing-Jonsson
Dean at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Thomas Slagsvold

Thomas Slagsvold
Vice rector at the Department of Research and Internationalisation

Lund Per Eirik Lund
Head of Rector's staff
Terje Thomassen Terje Thomassen
Director, Department of Finance
Johnny Thorsen Johnny Thorsen
Director of Infrastructure
Elisabeth Ernø Borhaug Elisabeth Borhaug
Director of Personnel and Organisation
Reidun Mangrud Reidun Mangrud
Director, Department of Communications