Centres of Excellence

The center scheme is a tool for raising the quality of Norwegian research, higher education and innovation. USN manages one outstanding center, and is a partner in six different centers.

Centres of Excellence


USN heads the Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator Training and Assessment (COAST) .  SFU COAST´s vision is to become world leading in simulator training for the maritime education. COAST has a project period from 2020-2024.  The center is led by professor Salman Nazir and coordinator Inger Johanne Lurås.


USN is partner in SFU’en Center for Computing in Science Education (CCSE) led by the University of Oslo. The goal of CCSE is to integrate computing as a natural tool in basic educations, to make the education research near and to prepare students for an interdisciplinary workplace.

Ola Marius Lysaker, Svein Linge and Finn Aakre Haugen participate from USN.

Centres for Research-based Innovation SFI

  • CIUS  - SFI

USN is partner in Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS), lead by NTNU. In this SFI, academia together with the industry, are working towards developing a new advanced utrasound technology. Lars Hoff participate from USN.

  • CtrlAQUA - SFI

USN is partner in Centre for Closed-containment Aquaculture (CtrlAQUA), lead by Norfirm. The main goal is to develop technological and biological innovations that will make closed systems a reliable and economically viable technology. Yngvar Berg and Frank Karlsen participate from USN.

Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research

  • HydroCen - FME

USN is partner in Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology (HydroCen), lead by NTNU.

  • MoZEES - FME

USN is partner in Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems (MoZEES), lead by the Institute for Energy Technology. 

  • Bio4Fuels - FME

USN is partner in Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy (Bio4Fuels) by NMBU.