Commissioned research

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USN aims to be an important asset to our local communities. To achieve this end, we focus our research expertise on key unsolved societal challenges in areas such as health, education, technology and social research.

How can we help you?

If you need more knowledge to support your decision making processes, develop new technologies or improve methods and processes – then we have researchers at USN who can help you.

In commissioned research, it is the client who has the need, and who thus sets the topic and the research question. Together, we develop a plan and set goals for our research work.

Our experience ensures the quality of the work and the impartiality that is essential for good research.

Contact us

Business and industry, health trusts and other public enterprises are all potential clients for our researchers. Commissioned research projects can vary in size and scope.

We have had positive experiences with previous research projects, and we can look back on valuable partnerships that have produced benefits even after our work has concluded.

Please contact us to see if our expertise matches your needs.