Campus Porsgrunn


Porsgrunn is a city in bloom, offering a variety of academic opportunities

Academic programmes in Porsgrunn

Porsgrunn situated in the middle of Grenland, in a city with around 2,300 students.

The campus is located at Kjølnes, and is surrounded by excellent sports facilities including soccer pitches, a stadium, a tennis hall, a swimming pool, a handball court and horseback riding facilities.

Porsgrunn campus is constantly evolving. A new student residence was built in Porsgrunn in 2016. The student residence is producing more energy than it uses. 

The campus environment is large and diverse, yet intimate enough that you can enjoy a close relationship with both your fellow students and staff. 

The campus is a 15 minute walk from the city centre and 10 minutes from student residences and the train station.

Welcome to campus Porsgrunn!