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Regional value creation

Our research aims to contribute new knowledge and generate new solutions to strengthen the region and the business sector's capacity for green transition and sustainable development.

One of USN's strategic research areas
Satelittbilde Scandinavia

Our region – Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark – has lower productivity and higher unemployment than the national average.

We aim to conduct research across disciplines, starting with some of the region's strengths:

  • Our region is home to nationally and internationally leading industrial process and system enterprises, as well as a number of small and medium-sized suppliers. 
  • Norwegian industry is developing world-leading maritime technology, innovative vessel concepts and equipment, as well as advanced autonomy.
  • Our region has major untapped value creation potential within tourism and cultural experiences. 
  • The university (USN) is present in eight local communities in the region.

The focus for this research will encompass the actual concept of value creation as well as topics related to the region's business and industry.

Sustainable tourism, experiences and culture

Our region (Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark) has major untapped value creation potential for the development of nature-related and sustainable tourism, adventures and cultural experiences.

Research is needed to minimise uncertainty and increase the value potential for a sustainable form of tourism. This also applies to experiences and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Sustainable value creation and management, including renewal of the regions' industrial structure

The region's unique industrial features present regional challenges in terms of insufficient value creation. There is a need for new knowledge about the impact of the broad concept of value creation on the individual, organisational and societal levels, and how new forms of cooperation and understanding of systems can be created, disseminated and developed. More knowledge is also needed about systemic approaches and changes required to maintain international competitiveness.

Sustainable maritime transport, mobility and autonomous systems

Norwegian industry is developing world-leading maritime technology, innovative vessel concepts and equipment, as well as advanced autonomy that is well-positioned to solve major sustainability challenges and strengthen Norway's competitiveness with a view to sustainable solutions.

The maritime industry has a strong standing in (parts of) the region. 

Both the sector itself and national guidelines are calling for new solutions and knowledge that can help solve sustainability challenges related to mobility. 

Sustainable industrial systems

The region is home to nationally and internationally leading industrial process and system enterprises, as well as a number of small and medium-sized suppliers who are well-positioned to solve the need for a transition to a sustainable society.   

Research into sustainable industrial systems and transformation covers a wide range of areas, including but not limited to digital transformation, change management, production management, sustainability, logistics, innovation, systems engineering, technology development, technology, enabling technologies (such as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and quantum technology) and economics. 

This research explores ways to improve the efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness of organisations and industrial enterprises.

– We aim to build on our region's strengths! In collaboration with the business community and partners, we plan to develop new solutions that can help solve some of our major societal challenges and create lasting value for the future.


Thomas Brekke
Thomas is leader of the strategic research area for regional value creation.
Kristin Falk
Kristin is deputy leader of the priority area. She also works as a Professor of Systems Engineering.

Examples of projects

The academic and thematic content of the research area will be under development moving forward. Below is a presentation of several projects that are relevant to the strategic research area.