Thomas Brekke

Associate Professor

USN School of Business
Department of Business, History and Social Sciences
Campus Vestfold (D3-104)




General information

Name:                        Thomas Brekke

Born:                          April 26th 1969

Family status:          Married with Inger Marie B. Brekke. Children Olav (1996), Maja                                        (1999) and Lars (2002)     

Position:                     Associate professor/Research fellow Schhol of Business 

                                   PhD. Candidate Enterprise Development and Work Life Research at Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management NTNU

University degree:     Master. Cand. pholit. geography at Norwegian University of Science and                         Technology, Trondheim (1995)

Languages:                Norwegian and English


2007 -             2011                Doctoral program at NTNU, supervisor: Professor Morten Levin, Research                                 project “The Role of University College in Regional Development”

1995                            Cand. Polit. Geography NTNU at Trondheim


Work experience:

2010 –                         Associate professor, research and teaching

2008 – 2010                Manager Centre of Regional Innovation, at Vestfold University College

2010 - 2010                Director Institute of History, Sociology and Innovation Study

2006 –                         Doctoral Research Fellow, lecture and project manager at Vestfold University                               College, Current teachings: Organizational studies, Organizational change,                                   Entrepreneurship and Innovation studies

2005                            Manager Hybris Film AS, Oslo        

1998 – 2005                Horten Municipal, business development, department of school advisory and                              consultancy, department of planning

1996 – 1997                Dronning Mauds Minne University College, lecturer in social science          

1994 – 1996                Nordic Group AL, Manager of ,lgistic and ICT


Project experience:

2014 - present            Research project Identifying innovation practice in electronic companies                                    located in Vestfold Norway

2014                           Facilitator Forum project management Vestfold

2014                           Facilitator NCE-Vestfold Team Innovation

2013 - present             Research project Measuring Innovation in Service Innovation

2013                           Analyses of network based collaboration between logistics companies located                                    in Vestfold

2012 - 2012                Facilitating an ICT-Network in Vestfold County

2011- Present              Research project DEMOSREG. Economic development paths in Norwegian                              regions: Constructing regional advantage in central and peripheral regions                        NIFU, University of Agder, Vestfold University College, NFR

2009 – 2010                Research project: Different modes of innovation and the challenge of                                                stimulating university - industry cooperation. Agder, Vestfold, Buskerud and                         Innlandet, NFR

2007 –             Present             Phd. Thesis, The Role of University College in Regional Work Life

2007- 2008                 Project manager, Value Creation Hammerdalen Larvik, transforming old                                    industrial place by use of cultural values.

2007 – 2008                Project manager FORNY Commercialization of R&D results, NFR

2006 – 2007                Project manager, research proposal – VRI-Vestfold , NFR

2006 - 2008                Project manager, establishing a new research unit at Vestfold University                                    College

2004                            Project manager, Joint industrial policy in Vestfold County

2004                            Project member, analyses of growth and settlement patterns in Vestfold                                                county

2003                            Project member, Research proposal Centre of Expertise in                                                   Nano- and Microsystemtechnology Vestfold, NFR

2003                            Project member, Rapport Venture Capital Vestfold

2002                            Project member, Foresight and Scenario Horten municipal 2003 – 2015

2002 – 2005                Project manager, new use of old military areas in Horten municipality

2001                            Project member, development of strategic plan of tourism Vestfold county

2000                            Project manager, Entrepreneurship and education Horten municipal



2005 – 2008                Norwegian Research Council, Reference group VRI – University College

2005 – 2008                Chairman Atlantia AS

2000 – 2005                Member of the board, Microtech Innovation AS                                        

2002 - 2004                Member of the steering board, InnoTech  - Vestfold. Funded by Research program Arena, Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway



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Conference papers

Bugge, Brekke, Coenen, Herstad, Isaksen (2014), Regional pathways and innovation policies: A comparative analysis across different types of regions in Norway. Regional Innovation policies, Stavanger October 2014

Branstad, Brekke og Pedersen (2014). Exploring the innovation systems of service innovation: A literature review and guidelines for service innovation policies. Regional Innovation policies, Stavanger October 2014

Brekke, Thomas. (2013, Mai). Regional economic change, entrepreneurship and regional path dependency in a Non-Metropolitan region. Regional Studies Association European Conference 2013. Shape and be Shaped: The Future Dynamics of Regional Development. Tampere. Finland

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A theoretical framework of exploring how universities are impacted by regional industry. Triple Helix VII Glasgow. 17. – 19. of June 2009