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Get an advantage when applying for a job

International experience is an advantage when you apply for a job in Norway. Two out of three job-seeking students have experienced that employers view their study abroad as a plus.

Exchange for a sustainable future

International cooperation is needed to be able to contribute to a sustainable world! On exchange and study abroad, you get experiences and networks that can help to see the world in a new and different way! Do you want to travel on an exchange stay, but at the same time think about your Co2 footprint? Then this site is perfect for you!

Does not have to be expensive

Norwegian citizens can apply for loans and scholarships from Lånekassen.

You get basic support from Lånekassen, which is exactly the same as you get here in Norway. In addition, it is possible to receive travel grants, language grants and tuition support.

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Erasmus+ scholarship

If you travel on Erasmus+ agreements, you will receive from 470 - 680 Euro extra per month in scholarships.

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Travel green?

If you travel abroad using environmentally friendly transport, you can receive an extra environmental grant of NOK 2,000.

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Facilitation/adaptions of exchange

We want all students to gain international competence. Do you have refugee status, minor children, a disability, reading and writing difficulties or a chronic illness?

Facilitation of exchange

Not interested in traveling that far?

International Summer School Ringerike
Take International Management (7.5 USN credits) and International Marketing (7.5 USN credits) together with american students at campus Ringerike.

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