Special needs

Student på bachelor maskiningeniør foran PC-skjerm

Our students represent a great diversity and everyone should have the opportunity for equal education. We will make sure that students with disabilities will succeed in their studies as far as possible.

When can we help you?

If you have vision loss, hearing loss, mobility problems, dyslexia, psychosocial difficulties or other challenges in your everyday life, you may be entitled to the facilitation.

Many students' challenges are solved by relatively simple coordination and adjustments in good dialogue with faculty, faculty, student counsellors and others involved.

Therefore, we strive for universal solutions to include everyone, but sometimes individual adaptation may be needed due to, for example:

  • visual or hearing impairment
  • movement and movement difficulties
  • Concentration difficulties, dyslexia, reading and writing difficulties etc.
  • Chronic diseases
  • Anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses

Application for organization of your study situation

Students in need of facilitation are requested to submit an electronic application form for this. Along with the application you must upload documentation / assessment from the therapist / specialist confirming the need for facilitation.

The form is available on the intranet after you are registered as a student.

Need help with preparation?

If you need preparation already at the start of your studies, please contact the study counsellor for your studies. You will find an overview of study guides on all our study offer pages.

The study counsellor, in collaboration with you and any other parties involved in and outside USN, will try to find good solutions.

If you cannot find your study counsellor or have general questions about facilitation, you can send an email to tillrettelegging@usn.no.

Facilitation at the examination

Contact the exam office on your campus. Remember the deadline for applications is September 15th and February 15th. There is a separate application form for this that is available to you after you are registered as a student.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about facilitation, contact us at tilrettelegging@usn.no