Research dissemination

Forkningsformidling. Her fra forsker grand prix. Foto.

Research dissemination is a very important part of our social mission. Our research cannot contribute to society unless we communicate it to the world and the results are applied where needs exists.

Broad and accessible

It is also important for us to show that research affects everyone much more than we probably realise, and we aim to share the knowledge and insight gained by our researchers in a broad and accessible manner.

Many of our researchers participate actively in the public debate and contribute to communicating our research findings. Our researchers are active in many arenas of public life, such as in social media, as authors of feature articles or blog writers, as expert sources in the media and as speakers or contributors at a variety of events aimed at generating enthusiasm and understanding for research work.

Good examples of the latter include the Research Bus (Forskningsbussen) and the Researcher’s Grand Prix (Forsker Grand Prix), both of which have been important contributions to the annual national research festival Research Days (Forskningsdagene).

Researcher’s Grand Prix

This is the unofficial Norway championship in research communication. In this fun and exciting competition, handpicked doctoral candidates compete to communicate their research in the most engaging and enlightening way possible.

Participants receive a mercilessly short four minutes to present their research project from the stage. The audience votes for their favourites and then a panel of expert judges selects the finalists. Researchers who make it to the final round have six minutes to make their presentations before the winner is announced.

The audience gets a different and entertaining experience, learns something new and has the chance to meet young researchers up close.

Kongsberg Science Forum

Popular science lectures within mathematics and natural science. Lectures take place at campus Kongsberg and are open to anyone.

Research Bus

Every autumn we fill our Research Bus with entertaining researchers and various paraphernalia, such as pig lungs, respirators, potato canons and expanding coconut snowball cakes, and send them on a tour to schools throughout the region.

This has become a popular tradition both for the schools, who ask us back year after year, and for the students and the researchers, who enjoy a welcome and fun break from their regular work.