Frank Karlsen


Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences
Department of Microsystems
Campus Vestfold (G2-20)
Professor Dr. Philos Frank Karlsen is married with the best wife in the world, Gry Lippert Karlsen, and they have 5 children. He is very proud of all his Children and four of these children are from Africa. He is a personal Christian an active member in a Norwegian church. He has been involved in the development of molecular methods and technology since he started with his PhD in 1991. He defended his thesis “Analysis of Human Papillomavirus in Intraepithelial neoplasia and carcinoma of the cervix uteri” in 1998 at the Oslo University Hospital. Frank has been working with clinical microbiology, clinical virology, molecular pathology, molecular oncology, environmental microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology and biotechnology since 1986. Frank developed his first closed containment aquaculture related biofilm based filter in 1987. He has worked as the gründer and head of department of research in the biotechnology company NorChip (PreTect AS) from 1999 to 2010. He received the Innovation Norway gold prize Reodor in 2003 for his work on the mRNA method for direct detection of cervical pre-cancer. Since 2000, Frank has participated in the international community of opinion leaders, and has discussed and presented worldwide many different topics covering the area between virology, and international screening and vaccination. He became the Professor II in 2006 and the University College in Vestfold (University College in South-East Norway, USN), Norway following a recommendation from the first international committee. He became 100% Professor in 2010 following an evaluation of the second international committee. In 1996, he started his work to develop micro and nanotechnology and has initiated, led and participated in more than 14 large international projects supported by Norwegian Research Council, European Commission, Statoil and Innovation Norway. This result is a point-of-care technology including a complex integrated microfluidic based lab-on-a-chip cartridge and instrument. One of the companies, Oslofjord Ressurspark, that he has started together with local gründers in Vestfold, is ready to produce the first point-of-care technology for direct detection of multiple mRNA. A medium size company in Horten is ready to establish a production line for this first RNA diagnostic Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Diagnosis (POCNAD) cartridge and instrument on behalf of several different aquaculture related companies and producers. Together with Tao Dong, Frank invented in 2009 the completely new Refining technology that may cause a revolution into large volume concentration, separation and sorting in near future. This technology are right now under production by a company in Sande. Frank has more than 120 international scientific papers and has filed more than 28 international patent application including 9 patents that has been granted. The most heavy study conducted was done in DR Congo between 2003 and 2005 reported in the British Journal of Cancer in 2010, including the famous Dennis Mukwege (18 international prizes related to treatment of women) and the world opinion leaders Marc Arbyn and Chris Meijer. Frank has been the main supervisor for many PhD students and Master students. The last student that defended his thesis was Nhut Tran-Minth. He is working with his Post-doc study right now also supervised by Frank and a team from CtrlAQUA. Recently, he has been honored to be one of the supervisors together with Dr Muchiri and Dr Muturi in the project “The Utility of E6/E7 Transcript Detection Method for Cervical Cancer Screening at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya” done by Mr. Cosmas Muyabwa in Nairobi and Norway. Frank was involved in the initiation of the SFI CtrlAQUA from 2014 and the addition of University College in South-East Norway (USN) as the partner in the same SFI. Frank, grew up in DR Congo between 1966 and 1981. He is speaking fluent Norwegian, English and Swahili. He has served as a business and mission consultant and advisor for a number of organizations and companies in DR Congo and Africa the last 30 years. He has started the organization GOWA (2008) in Bukavu (DRC) and has initiated a number of commercial and macro-financial projects in DR Congo on his private off-time since 2008. He has been helping several start-up companies on his free time since 2013.