Cecilie Varsi

Cecilie Varsi

Vice Dean

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Campus Drammen ()
Vice dean for research and entrepreneurship.


  • Responsibility for research development, innovation and entrepreneurship at the faculty.
  • Lead the faculty's research activities, including research strategy, research infrastructure, research dissemination.
  • Interaction with working and social life in the region as well as national and international knowledge actors.


  • Research management
  • eHealth
  • Implementation research
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Systematic reviews



2009-2016: Ph.D. University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital, Center for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care Research. Dissertation: Implementation of eHealth patient-provider communication tools into routine practice - barriers and facilitators from the perspectives of patients, health care providers and middle managers.

2007: Project management, BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo.

2004-2007: Master of nursing science, University of Oslo.

1998-2000: Organization and management, Diakonhjemmet university college, Oslo.

1991-1994: Bachelor of nursing, Finnmark school of nursing, Hammerfest.



2021-current: University of South-Eastern Norway, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Vise dean for research and entrepreneurship.

2019-2020: Oslo University Hospital, Department of Digital Health Research (previous Center for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care Research), Senior researcher.

2016-2018: Oslo University Hospital, Center for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care Research, Post doctor position/Project administrator.

2009-2016: Oslo University Hospital, Center for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care Research, Ph.D. candidate (75%)/Project administrator (25%) (The Ph.D. period was interrupted by two maternity leaves).

2007-2009: Rikshospitalet HF, Center for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care, Project administrator.

1995-2007: Rikshospitalet HF, Department of Medicine, Registered Nurse (1995-1998), Assistant Head nurse (1998-2004), Head nurse (2004-2005 and 2006-2007), Assistant Senior Nursing Officer (2004-2005).

1996-1997: Ringerike hospital, Intensiv care unit, Registered Nurse.

1994-1995: Akershus University Hospital, Department of Medicine, Registered Nurse.



2017-current: 5 Ph.D.-candidates (2 completed).

2017-2020: 2 Master students (both completed).



2020-current: Norwegian network for Implementation science NIMP (elected board member).

2019-2020: Norwegian network for Implementation science NIMP (member of the interim board). 

2019-2021: Norwegian Nurses Organization, subject group for e-Health (elected board member - deputy chair).

2018-current: European Implementation Collaborative (elected board member. From 2020: chair).



2017-current: The research committee for Implementation and Methodology Research, Centre for Evidence-Based Practice, Bergen University College, Norway.

2017-2020: Norwegian Pain Society.

2016-current: The research committee for Knowledge in translation (KNOWIT), Institute of Health and Society, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway.

2013-2020: Society of Behavioral Medicine.

2007-2020: The research committee at Department of Digital Health Research, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway (member). 2018 - 2020: Co-leader and FOU responsible.

1994-current: The Norwegian Nurses Organization.


Peer-reviewed papers (full length, original articles):

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*Ph.D.-candidates supervised by Dr. Varsi


Other publications:

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