Pia Cecilie Bing-Jonsson


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Campus Vestfold (C2-70)
Expertise: Professional competence, educational quality, elderly care, geriatrics, community health care, competence measurement, instrument development, psychometrics, quantitative methodology, pedagogics


Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences with responsibility for:

  • Strategic development of our study portfolio

  • Realise the overarching goals of our educational programs 

  • Strategic development of educational quality for the faculty

  • Internationalisation of our study portfolio 

  • Internal and external strategic cooperaton 



08.01.2011- 31.07.2014

PhD, Department of nursing science, Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo.  Thesis: Nursing Older People – Competence Evaluation Tool. Development and psychometric evaluation of an instrument measuring community-based nursing staff competence. Defended 06.03.2015

10.01.2002- 06.01.2004

Master of Science in Health Promotion, University of Wales. Dissertation: An investigation of factors associated with adolescents’ eating habits and weight satisfaction. A descriptive and analytical cross-sectional study of Norwegian 15-16-year-olds.

08.15.2001- 05.31.2002

Human geography (grunnfag), University of Oslo. Main fields of study: cultural geography, development geography, economic geography and political geography.

08.20.1996- 06.20.1999

Bachelor in nursing, Vestfold University College. Bachelor in nursing with practice placements within nursing home, hospital, psychiatry, home care and health promotion related work. Bachelor’s dissertation: Empowerment of patients in home nursing.

03.01.1996- 06.20.1996

Philosophy of science (Eksamen philosophicum), University

of Oslo. Compulsory preparation course/exam for university studies in Norway.


Work experience

01.01.2017- present

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health- and Social Sciences, University College of Southeast Norway.

01.08.2014- 24.12.2016

Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Science, University College of Southeast Norway. Teaching, supervision, censorship, establishing a new master program in advanced practice nursing, course leader for three master courses, postdoc research on advanced practice nursing, delirium and urine sampling in home care (innovation).

01.08.2011- 31.07.2014

PhD research fellow, Department of Nursing Science, HELSAM.


Assistant professor, Faculty of Health Science, Vestfold University College. Teaching, supervision, censorship, practical skills training, and practice placements for students in bachelor of nursing. Research projects; publications Torp et al. (2013) and Næss et al. (2011).

01.01.2006 -31.01.2010

Research and development leader, Oslo Teaching Nursing Home (Undervisningssykehjemmet i Oslo, Abildsø bo- og rehabiliteringssenter). Initiated, developed, and coordinated R&D projects for nursing homes. Budgetary and fiscal responsibility. Cooperation with relevant R&D environments. Profilation of R&D unit. Member of management team at nursing home. Secretary for Board of Oslo Teaching Nursing Home.

26.01.2004- 31.12.2005

Clinical Specialist, Medi-Stim, Oslo. Clinical specialist in blood flow measurement for bypass surgery. Training of new employees, distributors, and end users (RNs, perfusionists, and surgeons) in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

23.08.1999- 31.10.2000

Registered nurse, St. Claraspital, Basel, Switzerland. Medical, oncology ward. Responsible for up to 22 patients and 10 employees on a shift. Treatment and nursing of patients, administrative work, supervision of students.


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