Gustavo from Guatemala: Studying Sustainable Tourism at campus Bø

Gustavo på topptur

Gustavo has come all the way from Guatemala to study Sustainable Tourism here in Norway. His expectations of a society close to nature and outdoor activities in Norway matches that of his home country.

Hi Gustavo,

How are you? We have a few questions to you regarding your study exchange in Norway.

  • Please share a story from your life that will make us get to know something special about you.

"I am a tourist guide in my home country. There we have a lot of volcanoes, so I do like hiking. Living at Breisas (campus Bø) has been a great experience because of the mountain and lake close by".

  • Anything you want to share that you think we should learn about your home country?

"Guatemala is a small country, but it has a great variety of natural and cultural diversity. We have for instance plenty of highlands, 37 volcanoes (3 active), desserts, black sand beaches at the pacific and white sand beaches at the caribbean. We have jungles and rainforests as well. We are descendants from the Maya Civilization and there are 25 languages being spoken there, including spanish, garífuna, xinka and 22 mayan languages".

  • Any other feedback you would like to share with us?

"I have really enjoyed my experience in Norway, specially in Breisas where you can share your living with a lot of other international students".

View from hiking in Norway






Gustavo Grajeda from Guatemala.
Home University: Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

Study programme in Norway:

International Tourism and Sustainable Development at campus Bø.

Gustavo is an exchange student in the project «Education in the field of sustainable tourism and ecology in Norway and Guatemala», financed by NORPART, a programme under DIKU