Lea from Germany: studying International Management at campus Ringerike

Lea Fiessinger, student from Germany hiking

Meet Lea from Hochschule Kempten in Germany! She is studying in Hønefoss and has told us a bit about being an exchange student in Norway and climbing mountains.

Hei Lea,

We have a few questions for you, regarding your stay here in Norway!

  • What did you expect about life in Norway? Was it different from expected, if so – how?

"I wasn’t expecting big differences to my life in Germany, apart from significant higher prices. And that is also what I experienced it to be here. The Norwegians are very friendly, if there is a question or some uncertainties. You can get nearly everything (e.g. regarding food), that you could also buy in Germany or other European countries".

Lea Fiessenger, the view from hiking in Norway

  • Why did you choose to study in Norway?

"I wanted to do my semester outside Germany to improve my English skills. So I was thinking about which countries are good for getting better regarding that. Scandinavia with Norway, Sweden and Denmark was obviously considered in my choice, because they are known for their good English skills. Also I always wanted to see Norway with its fantastic nature and the very good educational system. My home university has two partner universities in Norway and I applied for the USN"

Lea Fiessinger, a view from Hønefoss

  • Please share one story from your life that will make us get to know something special about you.

"Since I arrived here in Hønefoss I was on numerous hikes. I like climbing mountains, get a little distance to my daily life, have the possibility to think without distraction and at the top see everything from above. Even though around Hønefoss there are no real mountains, a walk up to the top is really worth it to see the beautiful Norwegian nature with its lakes, forests, towns and in the farer distance the mountain tops. For me this is what makes my life more precious. And in Norway you don’t have to go far, to have the opportunity to experience this".

Lea Fiessinger, a view from the forest

  • Any other feedback you would like to share with us?

"I am really happy that I have chosen Norway and in special terms the University of South-Eastern Norway in Hønefoss. The Norwegian people are super friendly and Hønefoss is a very good point to start trips to all over Norway. The airport in Gardermoen is not that far away, so it’s easy to go there and take the plane to whatever destination in or outside Norway.

The employees I had contact with were also very friendly and could help me with my questions. I enjoy my stay here very much".

Lea Fiessinger, a view over the lake




Lea Fiessinger from Germany.
Home University: Hochschule Kempten.

Study programme in Norway:

International Management at campus Ringerike