Manon from France: studying Business Administration at campus Bø

Manon hiking in Norway

Say hi to Manon from Caen in France. She has told us about life as an exchange student in Norway, and about travelling all over Norway (and seeing reindeers!).

Hei Manon,

How are you? We have a few questions for you, regarding your stay here in Norway!

  • What are you studying at USN, and at which campus?

First I'm really fine, I love live in this country. So I hope so this message can motivate others to come in Norway! I'm studying "Business Administration" in Bø, it's a small town in the Telemark near Oslo

  • What did you expect about life in Norway? Was it different from expected, if so – how?

I have learned that Norway is a country more expensive than France. So I knew that food, meat, activities are mort expensive here. But I was shocked about the price of alcohol, it's too expensive. Other thing that the price, I imagined that Norway is a really cold country and where there is lot of snow. And it's not true, I still had 20 degrees at the beginning of October. I don't know if we will have snow in Bø this year. So, where I leave it's like the French climate but I know that in the North of Norway it's really cold and there is snow. It depends where you live.

View from Manon's hiking in Norway

I choose to study in Norway because it's a anglo-saxon country, it means that here they speak really well English, and I want to speak more in English it's why I choose Norway. And of course I wanted to discover the country and his beautiful landscapes.

  • Why did you choose to study in Norway?

People here are so kind and helpful, it's an happiness to live here. If you have the chance to come do not hesitate, it's an opportunity to live here.For the moment, I preferred to visit more the country than meet lot of people. But succeeded to do both, because I meet people the week and I'm going in trip during 4 days each week end.  This allowed me to achieve a child's dream which is see reindeers. And we visited and saw nearly all the South and the West of Norway. It's the most beautiful country I ever visited.


International students have to come in Norway because you can do many things: you an having fun with friends, doing parties, meet people, visit, hiking, doing sport... All we need to have a happy life. I think in all countries with Erasmus are good. But I really love my life here in Norway and all my friends to, I think study here suits everyone. 

View from Manon's hiking in Norway


Manon Hubert from France
Home University: Université Caen Normandie

Study programme in Norway:

Business Administration at campus Bø