Quentin from France: studying English and is taking part in an engineer project about a sailboat.

Quentil Morel, exchange student in Norway

Say "hei" to Quentin from France! He is studying at Campus Vestfold and has told us about all the great places he has been travelling to in Norway. "If I could say something to the future Erasmus student, don't hesitate, is the perfect place to be!".- Quentin


So I am Quentin Morel, an international student from France. I am studying English and I am taking part to an engineering project about a sailboat.

I live in the campus called Klokkergarden, I think one of the best, because there are a lot of Erasmus students.

Quentin Morel, exchange student hiking in Norway

I come from National Engineering School of Metz (ENIM) located in the North-East of France closed to the borders of Germany and Luxembourg.

I did expect that Norway is a cold country and dark during winter but really beautiful. The only thing that I knew before arriving, it that it is possible to see Northern Lights!

Quentin Morel, exchange student hiking with a buddy  in Norway

And so now, I can say that it is cold but it is bearable. But now, it is October, so I don't know what about the weather in December...surprise !

USN is located in the South of Norway, so it is not too dark. I think, I really like everything in Norway except the cost of living, really expensive !

I chose to sudy in Norway because, it is an amazing country to visit, and USN is a good university.

One thing about me: I love to travel, last year I was working for one internship in Slovenia, and for next semester I am searching one internship in an other country.Quentin Morel, exchange student hiking in Norway

I believe that Norway is one of the most beautiful place that I ever seen. I was in Bergen, Trondheim, Tromso are a beautiful cities, but I guess that one of the best thing to do in Norway is hiking. Just take a bag, food, water, hot clothes, and let's go for hiking to see the views from the summits of mountains. With three other Erasmus students we were in Kjerag, Preikestolen, Lofoten Island, Trolltunga..., seriously, it is amazing, more beautiful than on the pictures on Internet.

If I could say something to the future Erasmus student, don't hesitate, is the perfect place to be.

Have a nice day!

Quentin Morel and two other exchange students in Norway



Quentin Morel from France.
Home University: École nationale d'ingénieurs de Metz (Metz National School of Engineering).

Study programme in Norway:

English at campus Vestfold