PhD defence: Tae-Eun Kim
Conference: Young refugees in Nordic countries – health, education and employment in an equity perspective
Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning
PhD defence: Ole Magnus Brastein
Train your brain like a viking
Disputation: Sumudu Karunarathne
KSEE 2020: Light – Online version
PhD defence: Karina Rose Mahan
Disputation: Lene Aarvelta Hagen
Disputation: Thu Thuy Nguyen
Disputation: Morten Hansen Jondahl
Disputation: Hilde Røgeberg Pedersen
PhD defence: Anirudh Nelabhotla
Disputation: Christian Berg
Kongsberg Vision Meeting 2021
The Politics of Recovery: controversy and co-option in the era of austerity
Disputation: Fasil Tassew
PhD defence: Eisa Sahabeh Tabrizi
PhD defence: Adeel Ahmed Tariq
PhD defence: Afra Koulaei
PhD defence: Daoyan Jin
Doctoral dissertation: Asanthi Jinasena
Disputation: Hassan Ali
Disputation: Prasanna Kumara Welahetti Welahettige
1st Workshop on Digitalization and Blockchain – Managerial and Organizational Implications
PhD defence: Ajmal Hafeez
Kongsberg Vision Meeting 2019
2-day workshop: From systems, to families of systems - new challenges for systems engineers
Kongsberg Vision Meeting 2018