Maths Halstensen

Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences
Department of Electrical engineering, Information Technology and Cybernetics
Campus Porsgrunn (B-249)
Process Analytical Technology PAT - CO2 capture - Multivariate data analysis - Multivariate regression modelling - chemometrics - Acoustic chemometrics - Process monitoring - Multivariate Image analysis - Raman Spectroscopy - NIR spectroscopy


- Teaching BSc, MSc and PhD level courses

- Research

- PhD student supervision

- ACRG Laboratory


Ph.D.  NTNU Norway, 2002  "Acoustic Chemometrics - Experimental multivariate sensor technology and development of system prototypes for industrial multi-phase characterisation: selected forays"

M.Sc. Process automation, Telemark University College, 1997

B.Sc. Industrial Electronics, Gjøvik University College, 1995


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