Academic work practice at USN for refugees

Academic practice is an offer for refugees who have an academic degree from their home country (preferably MA/PhD) and who either have experience in, or want to work within, academia. Academic practice gives the candidate the opportunity to gain an insight into what it is like to work at a higher education institution in Norway. The candidate will be associated with a professional environment at USN that corresponds to the professional environment he or she comes from. The arrangement requires that USN finds an internal mentor and a professional environment at USN that has the capacity to accept.

To be able to apply for academic practice, the candidate should have an English language level equivalent to B2, and/or equivalent to Norwegian.

Academic practice is carried out in collaboration with NAV and as part of the introductory programme. The duration of the internship period follows the duration of the introductory program (from 3 months up to one year) and where academic internships are carried out from 1-3 days a week.

Work internship?

Work experience in an ordinary setting in Norway is immensely valuable to you as an immigrant when it comes to future prospects in Norway.  

USN may offer you a work placement (internship) related to your educational background on one of our campuses if you either speak English (B2 level) or Norwegian (B2 level).  


Kindly contact Anne Gry Gudmundsdotter.