USN Staff Week

"In the year 2007 with the launch of the Life-long Learning Programme (LLP) the European Commission started a new activity under the Erasmus programme: Erasmus staff trainings.

Erasmus staff mobility for staff training offers an opportunity to participate in different forms of training abroad, such as job shadowing (staff members from a HEI go to another HEI to work there for a certain period) or attending job-related conferences and workshops." (IMOTION)

USN will host the very first Staff Week for Erasmus+ participants in June 2019. USN is a university with 8 campus locations. The first Staff Week will take place at campus Kongsberg. To this we invite international academic staff related to the campus Kongsberg fields of study and research, as well as university administrative staff. 


USN Staff Week 2019 was a great success. We are now hosting a new Staff Week in November 2023, aimed at international relations officers. More information will come shortly.