Norwegian Language and Civilization for Foreign Students

This one year programme is aimed at foreign students who do not meet the Norwegian language requirement for admission to Norwegian universities and university colleges. No skills in Norwegian are required in order to gain admission to the programme.

Study level
One year programmes
Closing dates
Start up
Autumn 2018

This programme provide students with good communication skills in Norwegian. It also focuses on how to adapt and adjust to Norwegian society.

Successful completion of the programme fulfils the Norwegian language requirement for studying in Norway.

The study programme consists of two courses:

  • Norwegian Language

  • Norwegian Social Studies

Teaching and learning methods:

Lectures, group work, practice and home assignments. Attendance is obligatory. Assessment is based on written and oral examinations.

Admission requirements

You must meet the minimum requirement for entry into Norwegian universities or university colleges, with the exception of the requirement for Norwegian proficiency. No skills in Norwegian are required. Due to the competition you should document all secondary and higher education.

You must have a permanent resident permit in Norway, EU or EEA to apply for the programme. The programme does not qualify for a student visa

Nordic applicants or applicants with a Norwegian ID may apply from 10th of January in SøknadsWeb. The programme is situated under KORT STUD.

See important information about the admission process.

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