Get a head start – Join in on Open Sunday

Åpen søndag ved campus Bø 2016. Foto.

New students can enter our campues on Sunday 15 August. It will be open between 12.00 and 15.00 and we encourage you to come a bit scattered throughout the day. To prevent infection, you must be healthy when you arrive, keep a good distance from others and ensure good hand hygiene. Everyone must use the main entrancees.

Open Sunday 15 August applies to all our campuses with the exception of Rauland which is open on Sunday 22 August.

We will be admitting groups every 15 minutes, where you can walk through the campus according to a set route. Staff from the faculties, the library and the administration will be present to inform and answer your questions. Fellow students will be on campus and the Student Association (SSN) is at work so you can pick up keys to your dorm.

Unlike previous years, we must limit the number of visitors and prioritize students. Family and friends are encouraged not to join this year.