Book and Academic papers based on student's work (IO5)

This output involves a series of scientific papers and a book to be authored by students and academics at all of the partner institutions.

This outcome seeks to provide a means by which we can challenge the sometimes exclusive nature of academia. This outcome seeks to provide a means by which students can be encouraged and supported to produce and publish high quality academic writing in a constructive and supportive environment. The mentoring of students is covered by the partner HEI’s. Throughout the project, students as well as teachers will author articles. We will gather a lot of data, experiences and material over the years of the project. By carefully gathering and looking at this material, we will publish a book that covers both background chapters on theory and methodology and empirically based analytical chapters. The book will aim at a broad audience including researchers, educators, youth workers, teachers, students, etc. 


  • In the educating process of the MA and BA, students will learn about the methodology in the project and carry out research themselves. By contributing with chapters to the book, the students’ work will be voiced in academia, and be a contribution to the field.
  • The book will be published both in paper-back and online, for a broad range of audiences.


  • The students will be trained in academic writing and in scientific research/methods
  • It will strengthen the link between education and research in the institutions.
  • It will increase the number of publications, and make the results of the students’ work accessible to academia as well as practitioners in the field.
  • By making it accessible for practitioners working with children and young people, the content, that is a new understanding of ESL will reach a greater audience, and will give an insight as how to work with young people in order to prevent ESL.


  • This will be a solid example of how to collaborate with students in the BA and MA education, and easily transferable to other educations.
  • We will use the Multiplier events as well as the networks, regionally, nationally and internationally in order to inform them of this book.

Link to the book; (coming 2020)