Is there a student association in Porsgrunn?

The Student Association in Grenland (SiG) was founded on 12 January 1898. We are an organisation run by and for the students through volunteer work. We work with and facilitate a variety of student welfare activities for the students at Porsgrunn Campus. We run the student pub at the Elverhøy student house and have several sub-groups for recreational activities.

SiG was previously located at the Elverhøy student house in the Kjølnes quarter of Porsgrunn. This is about five minutes’ walk from the university. The student pub is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
In January 2017, we moved into the new student house on campus. Here, we have gained a bigger concert stage and more space, so we can hold more major events.

The association has several subgroups. These groups are supported by SiG to run social activities for students, such as outdoor activities, sports, music and so on. What happens in the different groups is really up to you! If you cannot find a subgroup for your particular interests, you are welcome to start a new one, or re-start a group that was previously active. Every year, applications can be made to SiG's annual general meeting for funding for operations/equipment.

The Student Association is run by 12 students who make up the executive board. The executive board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the student pub. In addition to the executive board, we have around 50 volunteers working before, during and after the pubs, and the Tuesday café, to ensure that the pub breaks even.

SiG is member-based, which means that you must be a member to be able to join the subgroups. Membership costs NOK 350 for the academic year. There are many good benefits for members, such as free or reduced-price tickets for our events, and discounts for several of our events, besides discounts at selected sports shops, restaurants, etc. Check out our websites or follow us on Facebook to take advantage of all the events and great deals.

We also need volunteers for our events. As a volunteer you will get your own good deals.

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