How to find your time schedule

Follow these instructions to find the time schedule for your study programme.

Follow the instructions below to find the time schedule for your study programme:

1. Choose «Studieprogram/Klasse» in the drop-down menu

2. Enter the name of your study or study code (e.g. Norwegian Cultural Journey)

3. Click the search button (“Søk”)

4. If you wish to you can filter the results by campus: Click “Filtrer søk”

5. Click on your programme in "Result" ("Søkeresultat"). It will move to "My criteria" (“Mine valg”)

6. Click "Show schedule" (“Vis timeplan”)

Find my time schedule

Note to exchange students

If you are an exchange student studying multiple courses, you can add all your courses to your own time schedule. Enter the study code for each course in the search window, then adding them to the right dialog window "My criteria" and clicking "Show schedule".

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