Ringerike has a flourishing student community: “You risk having a fantastic time”

Maxim Gjerdalen Foray. Photo

With its own student tavern on campus, student society, own student sports club and student associations that go on trips both domestically and internationally, it's hard not to be taken by Campus Ringerike’s vibrant student community.

“I would describe student life at Campus Ringerike as intimate but diverse,” says Maxim Gjerda Len Foray.

“Here, many students are divided into a good mix of different areas of study.” You will nevertheless quickly become familiar with the faces in the hallways, because we have an active student community on a not too big campus.



“Be a part of buddy week”

Buddy week is one of the first things you do as a student, and Maxim advises you to seize this opportunity.

“This is by far the easiest and most fun time to get to know new fellow students. Going to social events with just strangers can be a little scary at first, but keep in mind that the vast majority are in the same boat as you. They have come to a new place where they know few people or nobody from before, so the vast majority are eager to seek contact.

During this year's buddy week, among other things, a picnic with a beach volleyball tournament, stand-up comedy, sports day, various themed parties, glow rave and pub crawl in the centre of Hønefoss was organised.

My advice is to participate in as many events as you can. You will probably encounter a bunch of great people that you will have a lot of fun with for many years to come

Buddy commitee campus Ringerike

The buddies are ready to welcome all new students to the start of studies. Remember to follow the buddy week programme, so that you stay up to date during your initial start at Campus Ringerike. (Photo: The buddy committee in Ringerike).

Student societies

As a student at Campus Ringerike, you have a huge offer of student organisations that you can join in your free time.

“The first thing you should check out is whether there is a student society for you,” Maxim urges. 

A student organisation is an association that organises academic and social activities for everyone who attends the same area of study. The activities can, for instance, be lectures with former students and business leaders, trivia nights or Christmas parties.

It can be very useful to join your society, or to attend events, because here you also meet upperclassmen. They already have a backpack full of experience from their time in college, so it's smart to have them share some for it

Law Society campus Ringerike

The Law Society at Campus Ringerike regularly goes on trips abroad. In spring 2018, this group went to Brussels, where they visited the offices of the European Commission. (Photo: Law society at USN).

Student Union in Ringerike

In addition to student societies, there is a student union at Ringerike, which is also run by students. The union is responsible for a number of events that take place throughout the academic year, including Halloween parties, movie nights, ski trips to Hemsedal and the campus student bar – Joker’n.

“Joker’n is the place to be to put it simply. Here it can be reasonably packed with a hefty party atmosphere, especially when the Student Union arranges community parties for all students.  In addition we organise game and trivia nights, and we aim to eventually arrange an open stage where people can perform solo or in bands.

It is important to emphasise that the parties, whether during buddy week or during the rest of year, are for everyone, including those who do not drink alcohol. Here everyone can let their hair down and enjoy themselves regardless

With all the opportunities offered, Maxim understands that as a new student you can experience the transition to student life as overwhelming.

“The studies can be quite intense at times, so it is natural that you just want to remain in the dorm and relax occasionally. However, I still urge everyone to regularly step out of one’s comfort zone. If you join, all you risk is having a great time.”

Remember that you are going into a period where you can thoroughly enjoy being young. Do yourself a favour by creating student years full of fond memories.

Joker'n campus Ringerike

At Joker’n there is a stage for concerts, a DJ booth, a dance floor, a beer pong table and a capacity for approximately 150 students. Maxim is here flanked by Sarusan Kulam, financial manager for Joker’n and Kristian Lofthus, head of the student bar.

Student life in Ringerike

“When you live in Hønefoss or anywhere else in Ringerike, you live quite close to nature. At the same time you have all possibilities that a large city can offer. After a long day at the study hall, it’s quite fun to take a trip outdoors or bring a disposable grill to Søndre park in the city. At weekends, you can go to a café, shop and arrange a pub crawl with college friends.

Maxim does cycling in her spare time, and says that the sports offered around the Ringerike campus are extensive.

“There are high-level and low-threshold sports.” The Student Union also has its offer of sports within football, skiing and volleyball, which you should check out. According to plans, a fitness centre will open at the campus on 2 September.

Ringerike also has a variety of cultural offers as the new cultural venue – Gledeshuset – often is in the centre of the events

Whether it's concerts, comedy nights, trivia nights or something else, it is often at Gledeshuset that these take place. The Student Union also has an agreement with Gledeshuset, so twice a year we have larger events for all the students there. Last year we had a Halloween party and back-to-school party, both of which were great successes. In addition, you should set aside time to see the Hønefoss revue. Then the whole city is turned upside down, and just about all students gather at the city centre for the big town festivities.

Student sports campus Ringerike

The student sports in Ringerike organise various trainings, like here during football training in AKA Arena in Hønefoss. (Photo: SiR)

Facts about Campus Ringerike

Location: Campus Ringerike is located next to Hønefoss town centre in Ringerike municipality. The municipality has just under 30,500 inhabitants, which is an hour’s drive from Oslo.

Number of students: approx. 1,400.

Did you know?: In recent years, extensive construction has been underway at Campus Ringerike. Two wings of the campus building have been upgraded, and a whole new building has been erected. The new building houses offices, conference rooms, bookstore, service centre and café. In autumn 2019, a brand new fitness centre will open inside the campus.

Facts about Maxim

From: Chambery in France and Hønefoss

Studying: Marketing Management

Volunteer in: The student bar Joker’n and the Student Society Mercatus

The best thing about studying at Campus Ringerike: “The inclusive student community, created by the fact that we have a good mix of different programmes of study and students from both Norway and abroad and not least Bergen.