A super social student life awaits you in Vestfold

Yaren Demir. Photo

Close to several of Vestfold's historic Viking tombs, you will find a highly vibrant and modern campus, renowned for its inclusive student community.

“Super social. It is perhaps the best word I have to describe our campus,” says the Vestfold student, Yaren Demir.

According to her, you have every reason to look forward to starting student life in Vestfold:

“It's a wonderful life. Many of us live just off campus, so there is a lot of life almost around the clock. That so many of us are gathered in one place makes it easy to arrange something with fellow students, such as reading together at the library, hanging out at one of the cafes, or organise a party.

Yaren expects it doesn’t take long before you are invited to the first barbecue on campus.

“In fact, I guess it will already happen during the start of studies festival.

Start of Studies Festival in Vestfold

Yaren is the head of the buddy committee in Vestfold, which is responsible for the start of studies festival.

“The festival is the Campus Vestfold’s own buddy week. We are committed to giving you the best opportunity for you to get to know your fellow students, your campus and the cities that surround us. It is perhaps a little strange to hear, but the first bit of time as a student can quickly become the time you are going to have the most fun during your college years.

It is usually during the start of studies that new students meet one another, and friendships are often formed that last even after you finish your studies.

At the beginning of the Start of Studies Festival, new students are split into buddy groups, led by buddies. The buddies are students who already study at USN. Yaren advises you to keep in touch with them, even after the festival is over. 

The buddies can be helpful every time you have a question about the studies, campus or about Vestfold in general. They can quickly become your most important insightful counsel as a student.

Activites at semester start. Photo

During the Start of Studies Festival, relay running is one of the many fun activities you and your buddy group attend, and its all about giving everything you have got. (Photo: Karoline Gulbrandsen/Vestfold Student Association).

Vestfold Student Association

Although the Start of Study Festival only lasts one week, it does not mean that the social life during one’s studies ends there.

“As a student in Vestfold, you have a wide range of student associations you can join. After all, it is important to have a social life besides one’s intensive studies.

Yaren advises you to check out  Vestfold Student Association.

This is an organisation consisting of volunteer students who organise various sporting, cultural and social activities for all students. Here you can work as a volunteer in either the executive board, in one of the committees, in the subgroups or in the buddy committee

“In addition to the Start of Studies Festival, the student union organises student parties, trivia nights, the student festival UKA and trips to Hemsedal during the winter.

According to Yaren, the main advantage of volunteering during college is the social and professional network you build. 

“Students are generally very open, so you will easily connect with others through volunteering. You also gain valuable experience in organising and arranging events. This can be crucial when you go on to apply for jobs after one’s studies. Of course, you also get some benefits from working as a volunteer. VIP passes to events and various discounts. Extra student discounts on beer in town is rarely a bad thing.

There are many student organisations at Campus Vestfold that you can join. Here are some samples:

Nito student association. Photo

NITO has its own student association in Vestfold. If you can’t find an association that suits you, you can contact existing groups to find out how to establish one yourself. (Photo: NITO students, Campus Vestfold).

City life in Vestfold

It is worth noting that Campus Vestfold is located between two cities.

“Horten is located north of the campus and is a quiet and charming place. Tønsberg is located to the south, and is a lively place with more possibilities with regard to shopping, cafes and cultural life.

Yaren and her friends like to especially visit Tønsberg on sunny days.

“There is a lot of bustle at the wharf in the city centre. There you will find cafes, eateries and nightclubs. There are also bars in Horten that are popular with students, especially because several of the student organisations collaborate with them and thus offer student-friendly prices.”

Both Horten and Tønsberg are home to organisations and clubs that some students are members of. 

“There are many people who join sports clubs or hobby societies in the cities. The municipalities in Vestfold are also good at facilitating cooperation with the students, so don't be surprised if you also find yourself a potential employer in the county when you attend one of the industry days at the campus.

Active campus life

Although the offers in cities are good, you don't necessarily have to go so far to have an active student life. At Campus Vestfold you will find football pitches, volleyball courts, sports halls and a fitness centre.

“The student sports in Vestfold is huge. We have many different sports, and there are offers for both those who have been playing for quite a while and those who have never tried before.

For example, I went to my first basketball training of my life last year. It has been great fun to stick with it, and we do it just as much for the social as for the sport itself. 

Inside the campus building itself you will find several good canteens and newsagents. Some have long opening hours, so there is no problem studying at the campus until late in the evening. 

“Before the examination period, there are quite a lot of people here, but fortunately it is a large area with lots of space and many available conference rooms for the students.”

In other words, look forward to arriving at Campus Vestfold.

"It's always scary to go somewhere where you don’t know many people, but it’s probably never easier to make new friends than when you’re a student. You can look forward to coming to Vestfold, and take part in a great and inclusive student community.

Futsal. Photo.

Futsal is one of the many sports you can join as a member of Vestfold Students Sports Club. Training at the sports hall in Campus Vestfold. (Photo: VSIL)

Facts about Campus Vestfold

Location: Campus Vestfold is located in the area Bakkenteigen in Horten Municipality. Horten has a population of just over 27,000 people, while the neighbouring municipality of Tønsberg, which is only minutes away by bus, has approx. 46,000 inhabitants.

Number of students: approx. 5,020.

Did you know?: It will be building a separate student house at Campus Vestfold, which will become the students’ new public space, including its own bar and concert venue. Vestfold County is a bit of a mecca of music festival during the summer with  Slottsfjellfestivalen (Tønsberg),  Fjordfesten(in Sandefjord),  Stavernfestivalen  and Vervenfestivalen  (in Horten).

Facts about Yaren

From: Germany and Larvik

Studying: Master in Micro and Nano Systems Technology

Volunteer in: Chairman of the Buddy Committee and Deputy Chairman of Vestfold Student Sports Club.

The best thing about studying at Campus Vestfold : “That we have so many different student associations working on creating the best possible student community.