Gabriela from Brazil, Phd to the Laboratory of Research and Study in Group Practices (LAPEPG) at campus Drammen

Gabriela enjoying the views in Geiranger

PhD student Gabriela Martins Silva has spent the past 4 months in Norway as part of her research towards her degree.

Gabriela is studying for her Doctorate in continuing education in mental health and her interest in Norway was sparked when meeting Professor Ottar Ness at the University of São Paulo spring of 2015. Professor Ness was invited to the University by the Laboratory of Research and Study in Group Practices (LAPEPG), and spent much of his time discussing research and projects with students and other professors.

Gabriela Martins and Professor Ness in front of USN, campus Drammen

“It was a great opportunity to share experiences with Professor Ness and discuss shared interests like mental health and collaborative research”, says Gabriela.

Gabriela came to Norway thanks to the financial support from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), a Brazilian governmental institution.

On the question on how she experienced her time in Norway, Gabriela responds: “Besides gaining new perspectives to support my research, which was my main reason for coming her, the 4 months in Norway gave me so much more. Getting to know a new culture and get insights into ‘social rules’ and how Norwegians relate to each other has been very enriching. The Norwegian society is built on a foundation of trust and respect, and it’s taken for granted that all people fulfill their duties without the need for continued vigilance. It’s very interesting to observe how people here respect social agreements without being imposed upon them, promoting social welfare”.

“It’s been very interesting to get an insight into the Norwegian healthcare system, and it makes me realize what challenges and possibilities we face in Brazil in this respect, topics that are part of my research. My research here has also resulted in international partners with whom I will continue to discuss and exchange ideas.

Gabriela Martins at Trollstigen

Gabriela on top of Pulpit rock (preikestolen)

 “During my time in Norway, I also got to know the Norwegian art scene, and I found it especially touching to learn about the works of Edward Munch and Christian Krogh. I was also fortunate to be a part of the international community at USN, and meet students from all over the world including Greece, Albania, EUA, India, Japan and others”, Gabriela continues enthusiastically.

With a smile on her face, Gabriela concludes: “The internship here has been very important for my development as a research but also as an individual. And I am grateful for this!”

We wish Gabriela the best of luck in the future!