Meet Katrina Yau, student at the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS)

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Like John Lennon, I am a DREAMER. I believe in global village, where people from different backgrounds work together in harmony as a community. Read on to learn more about Katrina and her life in Norway.

In short, I am a NERD. I love reading and I am an early reader. Although I don't remember what I read, my mom told me that I began to read at the age of three (or maybe I was just looking at the drawings). My favorite activities are learning languages and visiting museums. I insist to learn some basis phrases every time I travel. I speak Hakkanese, Cantonese, English, Mandarin and French (in my learning order). I am also trying to learn Norwegian. Believe it or not, my favorite books are dictionaries.

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I didn't choose the wug life, the wug life chose me

(You have to be a nerd to understand this.)


I am a TRAVELLER. Although books took me to Narnia and Hogwarts, travelling offers me so much more than I could ever imagine. As a student, I always travel at a budget. I have done some crazy trips, like taking a 21-hours bus ride from northern England to Paris, sleeping with twenty people in a hostel room and farming voluntarily for two-years in Europe. I visited 16 countries in 5 continents.

Travel is never a matter of money but of courage

Paulo Coelho


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Like John Lennon, I am a DREAMER. I believe in global village, where people from different backgrounds work together in harmony as a community. I did my bachelor in journalism because I have faith in the power of pen (and I still do). Years ago, I discovered that education is the key to most of the social problems. So I am getting my teacher education to inspire young people to think critically and to enlighten their social circles with their flame.


Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness



I am also a Christian, future-teacher, yogi, jazz-fan, ukulele-player, tree-hugger, dumpster-diver, gardener and an animal lover.

About being a student at USN, Norway

When I first came to Norway as a student, it was frustrating. A big part of it was the complicated and endless paper work that I had to do. Coming from a big and fast-paced city, I admit that I was annoyed by the working speed in Norway as well. After four months of my “Norwegian life”, I got used to the “chill” mode and had no feeling when waiting in line at the stores. In fact, I’m lovin’ it!

There’s a myth of Norwegians being the “unfriendly” people. I agree that they look angry and serious when they are not talking. I personally think that it’s just their frozen face in the cold because they are quite friendly and talkative when they start talking (especially after a round of booze or walking in the sun, which rarely happens). Or maybe it’s just a way to save energy from smiling/ facial expression to counter the cold (?).

Studying in USN, Drammen is great and I love my class. We have great discussions with great respect. Everyone throws in ideas and opinions from 10 different cultural backgrounds. There are also many organisations that support and create events for international students. My first year in USN, Drammen went really well with all the support!


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King Yan/ Katrina Yau, 26 years old, Hong Kong - China

Study programme:

International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS) at Drammen campus

Academic background:

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong kong

BSSc (Hons) in Communication, 2015 (Concentration in International Journalism / Minor in French Language)


University of central lancashire, United kingdom

Academic Exchange Student, 2014


Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, WA, United States

Associate degree of Arts, March 2012


Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH, United States

Exchange Student Programme, June 2010