Wilma from Finland: studying Business Management at campus Kongsberg

Wilma, exchange student from Finland, hiking in Norway

Meet Wilma from Helsinki! Wilma has told us about her stay in Norway, about the Finnish concept "sisu" and about the importance of challenging ourselves to move out of our comfort zones.


My name is Wilma and I am coming from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.

What did you expect about life in Norway? Was it different from expected, if so – how?

I expected it to be quite similiar to as it is in Finland too, but I expected people to be even more friendly and happy.  And I was completely right :)

Why did you chose to study in Norway?

I wanted to see the mountains and go hiking. And I am going to do my thesis about the Nordic business culture so this is a very helpful experience as well. I speak fluent Swedish too so I thought it could be quite easy for me to integrate in here. I am very passionate about the Nordic languages. 

Wilma, exchange student from Finland, hikinh in Norway

Please share one story from your life that will make us get to know something special about you.

I have gone through two big surgeries and had to learn to walk again.

Anything you want to share with other students and employees that you think they should learn about your home country?

Finnish ''sisu'' is a conception that describes the Finnish national character. It is a word that you can not translate into any   other language but some adjectives close to it are bravery, hardiness and stoic determination. Finns are very hard working and honest people. You should always just keep going and not complain about little things. 

Any other feedback you would like to share with us?

I have enjoyed my visit here a lot, Norway is a very very beautiful and nice country. Glad to be neighbors :) 

I think people from further countries should travel to Norway to experience something way different to from their culture and to have a little ''culture shock'' because it is good for you to see different types of lifestyles and it gives you a lot things to think about and new perspectives from your own culture. For me it has not been such a big shock but at some point of my life, I want to travel very far away just to see the difference. Everybody should challenge themselves out of their comfort zones sometimes, it is good for you. And to add, Norway is a unique country to travel to. If you like to go into nature and experience breathtaking views, this definitely a place for you! 

Wilma from Finland, hiking in Norway

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Wilma Såg from Finland.
Home University: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.

Study programme in Norway:

Business Management at campus Kongsberg.