Frequently asked questions about Systems Engineering

How do I apply?

For the Industry Master programme, only Online Applications will be accepted. For the part-time programme and individual courses contact Marianne Gimse Lie via email or apply via EVUsøknadsweb (there is a link for the part time SE master programme page).  Master in Systems Engineering – code 7113,  is not open for international applicants. If you live in Norway and have a Norwegian ID-number you are welcome to apply. You will then apply through the Norwegian application portal that opens in January 2018.

How long will it take for me to complete my application procedure?

The first round of selections is based on your academic background will start after receiving your application in March each year. The selected candidates will be notified of the second round, which is the interview stage, within two months (around late April) -with interviews normally taking place in early May. Following this, offers will be sent out from the University (& the company).

What does the application deadline mean? Do I have to complete the Online application form or do I have to submit all documents to HSN by that date?

The application deadline refers to the date when your complete application including all required documents MUST be submitted to HSN via our online application system.

NOTE: On the application form, you are also required to click on the "Submit Application" button once you have filled in all the relevant details any time before or by the application deadline.

Am I guaranteed to get an interview if i have good grades?

No, your application will be reviewed by the industry and it is up to them to decide if they would like to interview you based on your application.

Do I have to go to Stevens Institute of Technology for overseas study?

The semester abroad is optional for all the students. However we very much recommend that you do take this opportunity to gain experiences which will be highly regarded by future employers and you get an invaluable chance to learn the language.

Do I have to live in Kongsberg during the study?

Each course is conducted as a one-week intensive course based here on the HSN Kongsberg campus, KRONA. It is not uncommon for students to commute during the study.

How to get to Kongsberg campus?

HSN campus is situated approximately 10/15 min walk from the train station in Kongsberg.

How long will it take to complete my master?

As an Industry Master student, the degree will take 3 years to complete. On a Part Time basis we estimate 4 years.

Will there be a graduation ceremony?

Yes, we arrange a Graduation Ceremony in June each year. You are welcome to bring your family and friends to this celebration.

How many elective courses do I take?

It depends on the programme you are studying. IM students tend to take 3 electives at HSN (totals 22,5 ECTS) and 3 at Stevens (total 30 ECTS), whilst PT students take 4 electives at HSN.

Is there a chance to get work anywhere outside Kongsberg as an IM student?

We now have partner companies  in Oslo, Grimstad, Bergen and Stavanger and we are always looking to expand and  gain new partners.

What type of job will i get whilst studying?

You will be employed as an Engineer in the field of your Bachelor degree.