Privacy Policy

Here we describe how we collect and use information regarding visits to our website.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is the complaints board in the event of errors in the processing of personal data. Please contact us at if you have questions.

Cookies uses, like most other websites tracking codes and cookies like most other websites. Cookies are small data files that are left on your computer so that our web pages can function as best as possible. First-party cookies are required so that the web page can work. Third-party cookies are used for analysis, marketing and personalisation (Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation).

You can read at about how to set your browser to accept/reject cookies, and get tips on safer use of the Internet. You can also find information about how online behavioural advertising works and how you can protect your information.

Here is an overview of the cookies used on

Cookie name Description Validity


When you attempt to reach our website through your browser, you will first come to a load balancer (Barracuda Load balancer) which places a cookie on your outgoing response. This cookie is sent every time you navigate on our website. The load balancer then removes the cookie and redirects you to the correct web server (see also CorePublishSession).

1 hour - used by load balancing for sticky session


This cookie is used in order for our publishing solution (CorePublish) to work and provide you with content on the website. The value in the cookie is just a randomly generated set of letters and numbers and contains no information.

(Example of a value: admjn35ef979tatltnglptm511) 

Forever, but deleted from the server after 4 hours of inactivity


Used by our publishing solution CorePublish and contains information on the device and browser you are using, so that our web pages can present content to the right type of device (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.).

1 week


Used by Google Analytics to distinguish different users from each other.

2 years


University Account ID in Google Analytics. Used to link Google Analytics with other Google services such as Google Tagmanager and Google Adwords.

90 days


Used by the tool Siteimprove for obtaining analysis data when visiting the web pages.

33 months

How to avoid Cookies

If you want to avoid using cookies, you can set your browser not to accept them. See the browser’s help pages for settings. Please note that if you choose to exclude cookies, you may have trouble getting content on the website. This is especially true of cookies that come from our publishing solution CorePublish, which are described in the table above.

Analysis – Visits and search on the website

As part of our effort to create the best possible website, we use several analytical tools (Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation). Search on our web pages and page visits are logged by:

We use Google Analytics to gather visitor statistics on our web pages.cWe do not store personally sensitive data (for example IP addresses). The data is stored for 50 months.

We use Facebook’s “pixel” – which measures traffic between Facebook and our website. We use the data collected by the pixel to deliver customised content to those who visit our website, and to marketing on Facebook. The Facebook Pixel is inserted on the site via Google Tagmanager.

Siteimprove is a tool we use to control the quality of our website. Among other things, Siteimprove identifies broken links and spelling mistakes, while the tool suggests improvements in coding to ensure universal design and search engine optimisation. Siteimprove also stores visitor statistics.

We use DoubleClick Floodlight to track actions you perform on our website after viewing or clicking on our ads delivered through DoubleClick on Facebook and Google. We reuse this data afterwards to provide you with customised ads. DoubleClick is inserted on the site via Google Tagmanager.

We use Snap Pixel to track traffic from Snapchat to our website. We do this to measure to which degree our Snaps have any affect. The Snap Pixel is inserted on the site via Google Tagmanager.


It is possible to subscribe to the newsletter from our website. In order for us to send emails to the correct person, we need to register your name and email address. This information is not shared with other businesses and will be deleted once we are notified that you no longer wish to receive information from us. The information will also be deleted if we receive feedback that the e-mail address is no longer active. We use Mailchimp for sending of newsletters.


We have sharing icons for sharing links to Facebook and Twitter. Information on tips is not logged with us and is used only when posting the tips with the online community. However, we can not guarantee that online communities do not log information about your use.

Pages with registration form

When you sign up for courses and events, we may ask for details such as name, organisation, address, email, invoice references and the like (Article 6(1)(c) of the General Data Protection Regulation). This information is not shared with others and is deleted when the data is no longer needed.

Embedding content from other websites

On some pages, we build content we've published on other platforms. For instance, movies from YouTube, content from Facebook, pictures from Instagram or brochures on Issuu.